Well, Well, Wells

Last November a local narcissist named Timothy Wells decided to kill his wife because he was upset by a series of personal failures. He was ashamed of his imperfections and mistakes so he did what any other arrogant, homicidal nut would do, he decided to kill his wife, his dog and himself to solve the problems conseqential to his fallibilty

Fortunately, the couple had no children who needed solving.

As his wife was leaving for a meeting, Wells decided "that the pack had to end. I found myself stopping Christine. I took her by the throat and I strangled her."

So far so good.

Now all he had to do was drive to the Park, kill the dog and himself. He loaded Christine's body into the trunk of his car. Wells and the dog named Anna Riley got in the car. They stopped at a gas station to make sure Wells didn't make the mistake of running out of gas before getting to the park.

Once the pack arrived at the park, Wells discovered that he had neglected to bring the knife that he intended to uso on himself and the dog. Another foolish mistake.

No problem.

He picked up a rock and bludgeoned the dog.

Then he called 911 and turned himself in to the authorities.

When the authorites arrived they found that Wells had screwed up the bludgeoning and the dog was still alive.

He had also screwed up his suicide because he was still alive.

The only thing Wells didn't screw up was the murder of his wife.

Wells didn't think that Christine would/should have to live with such a fallible man as he. How could a woman as capable as Christine forgive the errors of a mate as an inept as Wells. How could the pack survive with such a woeful alpha male?

Obviously, it didn't.

Maybe she would have been forgiving.....'everybody makes mistakes Timothy...you just forgot to kill yourself.

Or maybe understanding of his fallibility....'that's okay Honey, next time though don't forget the knife'

Or maybe she would be empathetic yet assertive and instructive towards her husband's disassociative frenzy and reasoning liabilities: " I understand you have a little trouble with the order of things, honey. Next time use the knife on yourself first and then after you are dead, strangle me and then bludgeon the dog".

The dog, by the way, survived.

So did the murderer who pled guilty and will be eligible for parole in sixteen years.

If he can avoid any further major mistakes.

© 2010 Thornton Krell - 10/17/10

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