Here Comes Trouble
by Thornton Krell

# 1. 3/20/17 1:53 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater
There's a peculiar category of a-hole who is unnecessarily, easily offended and aggressive. Like they think everyone else, on the face of the Earth, is placed there to Annoy Them. And that seems more common today than decades ago. Go to any Parking Lot with people vying over the "best" slot, or approaching the Checkout Counter in the store. All I can say to them is, "No, you are NOT the most important person in the world; I AM!" Tom, MIP Tom

Editor's Note: well we lost the world's foremost authority a few months ago with the passing of irwin thank god we're still around

# 2. 3/20/17 2:09 PM by Nick
Very few people know the "walk in his shoes" gig in its entirety. It goes like this:

"Never judge a man unless you walk a mile in his shoes because if by chance you piss him off you've got a mile head start on him and you're wearing his shoes".

Editor's Note: absolutely

# 3. 3/20/17 5:15 PM by lj - mm
thumbsup.gif In my twisted mind, I see an abstract, tangential allegory to the political misunderstandings we seem to be in the middle of...

Those on the left have two left shoes, and those on the right have two rights...

Neither is comfortable with just one of their own, they need to deprive the opposition to those shoes that make life comfortable for each other...

Editor's Note: i like that...thanks for reading and illuminating

# 4. 3/20/17 5:44 PM by Rick
I sat in somebody else's car once. It was identical to ours, parked right next to ours. Same color, same year, same everything. I only noticed when the key didn't fit in the ignition.

The other person happened to see all this and put 2+2 together before I did.

He came over and said "Hi, you're in my car" and me, feeling like an idiot, apologized. "I'm sorry - they all look alike," I said.

I got out of his car and we talked for a few minutes, comparing notes on our respective cars. It was cordial.

Life's too short to be an arschloch. That's sort of my motto and I'm glad I sat in the wrong car of somebody who feels the same way.

Editor's Note: and i'm sure you would be as patient as he if you were in his shoes

# 5. 3/20/17 8:05 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater
Dr. Irwin Corey... I used to enjoy watching him on the Johnny Carson show.

Editor's Note: what was the question?

# 6. 3/21/17 6:27 AM by 104
Professor Irwin Corey made much more sense than most folks - especially politicians. I once got into the wrong car too. My keys even unlocked it. I sat down to start it up and when I glanced at the junk in the passenger seat and on the floor and realized it was NOT mine, I quickly jumped out and continued looking for my own car in a virtual panic mode!

Editor's Note: sometimes I feel like I stepped into a life that looked like the one I was supposed to have but ended up a little bit off

# 7. 3/21/17 10:44 AM by BF
I have never had the opportunity to walk off with anyone else's shoes, but as I drive a very nondescript car there have been times where I have tried to get my key to turn in another car's lock. Def a "DUH" moment.

Editor's Note: well if you drive a mile in the other guys car, the ramifications are a bit more serious. Thanks for reading and commenting.

# 8. 3/21/17 4:57 PM by Mk
Leftovers!!! Clever. :)

Editor's Note: right

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