Plural is Singular
by Thornton Krell

# 1. 3/19/17 3:08 PM by BF
The obscure artist as usual creates something out of nothing but still snaps that nothing into something which is what the vacation is all about.

And I presume you finished the hat.

Editor's Note: thanks so much for reading. Always makes me feel like writing more.

# 2. 3/19/17 7:30 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater
Hi, Thorntons; I enjoyed your musings. I find dual/multiple personality ~disorder~ to be an interesting topic. Because it seems (to me, myself, and I) to be a matter of degree, rather than inherently dis or ok? Like, we all can, indeed MUST have competing/negotiating selves operating most all the time. Any time we think e.g. "I want to do this, but I ~should~ do that... Soooo, WHAT am I going to do?! And you (all) sort it out and take some action, or (worse?) languish over the decision and procrastinate. I talk to myself (aloud) A LOT! Fortunately, I live way out in the rural country... so could, literally, roam around naked and conversing... without ramification. It's cold now, so I wear clothing. But Spring will lead to Summer and The Naked Ape will roam the woods... wearing shoes. Even the term "abnormal" is, literally, just atypical. Well, my stomach is telling me to go get a cheeseburger and fries... even though that meal is unhealthy. Tom, famished Tom

Editor's Note: Thank so much for reading Tom. I find your reaction to be an illumination of plural singularity. Tom, call me Jerry.

# 3. 3/20/17 6:55 AM by little john - mount morris
thumbsup.gif Only in the outnumbered asylum, is the majority ruled, not well, and mentally deficient...

Democracy rules in the asylum of numbers for, four,fore,

and zero against;;; again ST...

Is it OK to "play through", on an asylum golf course???

"What good is being mentally ill,

if I can't have a little fun with it.???"

Editor's Note: thank you for reading...go ahead and play through...we're all nuts anyways

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