speedway scratch off
by Thornton Krell

# 1. 3/17/17 2:49 PM by BBB
Ya gotta save some of that luck for the future.

Editor's Note: amen

# 2. 3/17/17 3:24 PM by 104
I like the scratch offs that you play a dollar and then you win a whole dollar back. I still have not been able to figure out if that insults my intelligence. But I can imagine that some folks are very impressed when that happens. Rain Man?

Editor's Note: and then you go what the hell, it's break even money..so yo of course put it back in and of course you lose

# 3. 3/18/17 7:03 AM by 104
I once found a winning $1 ticket in a shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot at Tops in Gates. The "winner" did not want to waste his time going to customer service and wait in line to redeem for $1. I redeemed and bought another ticket with the "found" money. It was a $7 winner. Next store I went to I bought just 1 ticket - won $14. When I got gas later that day, bought another at Hess station. Won $1. Never bought tickets at same store, always the next stop on my itinerary and always 1 ticket. Next stop I bought another. $7 winner. Next day at Wegmans, bought another ticket. $10 winner. Then a couple days later I was at Hess again for gas, bought 1 ticket that won $40! Biggest winner I ever had. All from $1 "discard". I am about the unluckiest scratch off player ever, but at least I paid for my gas with the winnings for a couple of weeks. Now whenever I see a used card in a cart, I check it. I do not pick up cards off the ground, but maybe in the future I will. I also play a little "game" around the Christmas Holidays. Usually I only carry 1 or 2 dollars cash in my wallet. So instead of putting it in the salvation Army kettle, I buy a scratch off. if it is a loser, Salvation Army gets nothing. If it wins, they get it all - even if it is $500 or $1500. I won $10 last year and dropped it in the kettle. $500 might tempt me to split it with them, but I made a "vow" and I intend to keep it. It is NEVER the money, but the THOUGHT that counts. Or so they say.

Editor's Note: looks like you found a story which is another winner

# 4. 3/18/17 10:35 AM by BF
Welcome back. Wonderful seeing you here again.

I do not gamble, at least not with scratch-offs, or horses, or dogs, at casinos, or at bingo.

My sort of gamble is based on what I would call my intuition: in the past year I decided to move away from the city I lived in or near for 35 years to one across the state, but in many ways my new city has always been home.

The rest of the story is yet to be written.

Editor's Note: hey BF....figured it was about time. i've gone through a lot of changes and i've got stories as a result. nice to be seen

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