Putting the Cart Before the Course

Golf carts minimize the once essential process of 'walking'. Walking is the primary form of physical exercise most apparent in in the practice of golf thus, for some, one of golf's activators as well as processes. The exercise required of a round of golf makes activation less attractive to potential golfers who have been over-activated by pizza, beer, chips, weed, magazines, Facebook, snapchat, teevee, pornography, cell phones etc.Since this segment of the population represents not only a portly but also hefty figure...golf needed to respond and did so with the golf cart.

In addition, an interrest in golf was also activated in folks who had developed an appreciation for bumper cars and go-carts as well as for kids who sought activation of their driver's license but were too young to drive. This last population also produced a double excuse because it got the kids along with the old man 'the hell out of the house' in case the Mom needed to go 'shopping'.

Golf, with golf carts speaks of the possibility of activated, validated, invigorated pursuit with minimum appreciation. Anyone can rent a golf cart at most courses and will not be frowned upon for the rental and subsequent use of the carts unless of course they accelerate the carts to an uncontrollable velocity propelling themselves and the cart into the sand traps, water hazards and/or onto the greens where 'wheelies' are considered very bad form.

With the aid of golf carts, a golfer can certainly play more holes, with less wear and tear in the span of a day. When non-professional golfers post a 'score', few people will ask 'with cart or without?' The score is the thing no matter how fictitious/creative/preposterous.

Professionals of course do not use golf carts in a tournament. They do use caddies, a human semi-golfcart. Professionals also rigorously play by the 'rules', most of which are ignored or unknown to the people in the carts.The pros exemplify goal attainment and process until reaching the highest level of appreciation for the game which is also making them rich and separating themselves from the 'duffers' in carts.

When a duffer say he/she played 72 holes of golf today...the statement can be diffused by asking 'was it miniature' or 'how many of those holes did you walk'

If the answer is miniature and/ or zero we are talking about two different levels of integration and relatively modest progression towards transcendence.

© 2017 Thornton Krell - 4/14/17

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