I had a heart attack, and thank God I have GREAT insurance!

I am not using creative artistic license btw...

I have a "caddilac" health insurance plan, and I chose to be able to pick my doctor and treatment without having to play mother may I with the insurance company. My "evil" employer pays 100% of my insurance, and the coverage for the wife and kids is covered with a small monthly co-payment that is deducted from my paycheck every paycheck. I worked my arse off my entire life to get where I am at, and Gott Sei Dank that our national disaster in chief didn't get his grimy paws on my insurance choices as he did millions of other Americans.

The good news is that the heart attack was minor. The good news keep rolling though because I am getting treated in the best, not one of, but "the" best hospital in the country with a copay of $100. Barry likes telling us either how crappy our coverage is or that someone who didn't work their arse off their entire life deserves what I worked so hard to get. Sorry Barry but the only good news that involves you and your dim witted populist schemes is that you didn't have anything to do with my choices because I have employer based health care and you haven't been able to screw me before I "had the big one Weezy".

I can't imagine what it would be like to have coverage, had something like this happen, and then finding out that Barry took my coverage away to fix something that wasn't broken and a pathetic "I regret" apology to replace the thousands of dollars it would have costed. If any of you Obamaphiles think that "Godless Commies" has a snowballs chance in 2014, you need to talk to Mr Ford to see where he gets his crack from because yours is obviously tainted with some shiznit worse than good old fashioned crack.

Folks this shiznit is for real when it happens to you, and our Chump in Chief doesn't even grasp the impact of millions of voters who just lost their sense of humor and tolerance for his amateur hour bullscat productions by Chris Matthews' tingly legged groupies. I know I dodged a big one and am fully aware of how this could have turned out had the Village Idiot had his his way with me.

I'll keep you updated with how I am doing, but so far so good... I'm alive and Obama has got his paws on choices that involve my body. Used to be that you had to be a woman trying to get rid rid of a "fetus" to claim that, but thanks to the liberal messiah... we can all scream "STAY AWAY FROM MY BODY AND MY CHOICES!!!!"

I doubt Chris Matthews will see it like me, but perhaps a similar trip to hospital with his health in Obama's hands will change that.

© 2013 Peter Lounsbury - 11/8/13

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