Don’t be an idiot.


I read an article today that quoted President Lyndon B. Johnson about the issue of control and elections…

It was a story about LBJ spreading a rumor that his opponent was a pig-f*cker.

Aide: 'Lyndon, you know he doesn't do that!'

Johnson: 'I know. I just want to make him deny it.' If you're denying, you're losing.

There’s one problem with that tactic though, and that is that once you’ve been outed as a mean and nasty, below the belt, ball kicking manipulator and liar, your ability to tell whoppers in the future is degraded proportionally. Pretty much where Obama is right now. The media has lost all credibility so they can scream at the tops of their collective little lungs and was once their personal free media advertising kit, won’t work. It won’t work because once you have identified a person (or source of information) as less than objective when reporting facts, you can’t put it back in the box. You can hit the reset button and start over with new people and a new commitment to be intellectually honest, but that’s not where Obama is right now. Obama is flying around in total campaign mode and the media is reporting everything he says as though God’s finger had written it on tablets of stone, and he can’t seem to rise above the truth about himself this time.

I’ve said often that Obama’s problem in 2012 won’t be his opponent, but the fact that he won’t be able to run from himself. Oh he’ll tell whoppers aright, actually “continue to tell whoppers” would be more accurate, but he won’t have the same effect as 2008. So my point in all of this is simply…

We’ve all watched the LBJ tactic used on each and every Republican that looked as though he or she had a chance to be the one who squares off with Obama in November. Liberals think that Obama is a victim in that they claim that Obama is treated harshly by the media, when in reality the media reports things in such a way as to give lip service to having addressed it (trying to protect that loss of trust that they all know threatens their existence) in an attempt to say it really fast and scream bloody murder if anyone brings it up again or questions Obama’s version of it. So why not flip this on Yo O!!!

I wrote about a cheating husband yesterday to make a point. There is no cheating husband btw, but my point was that I actually quoted Eric Holder closely enough that the points he made were illustrated in what I wrote. To the one you all saw manipulation with no problems, you saw fairness and unfairness with no problem and you saw how wrong it is to use one’s position of authority to force people to accept whatever it is that you’re peddling. Everyone got all that.

So next time you see the media headlines lined up one after the other singing the praises of Obama, bashing Romney or other conservatives and everything inside you is screaming “THIS ISN’T RIGHT!!!”, then great! It’s like being with someone who lies to you, say a hooker. You pay and you get, but despite them saying it and saying it convincingly that she loves you… only an idiot would believe it. Don’t be an idiot.

© 2012 Peter Lounsbury - 4/6/12

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