Pretending to Care vs Caring


Albert made the case that we should compare the Martin/Zimmerman case with one that is similar but opposite to see if it is possible to detect different treatment based on Mr. Martin’s race.  I posted him back a link, but the article was pretty weak and I did find the original I had read. I say weak because the version I sent the link to Albert left out a few things like the public stated disappointment with our African American President and his cold shoulder to the victim’s family.  Interestingly it raises the issue of racial bias, but then the victim is white it seems as though we expect different things then. That is a form racism by the way, but that’s just the opening shot…

Burning bridges. Well it’s the same country that Obama sprinted to disrespect while the ink was still wet on his oath of office, and if you followed this story from Great Britain (along with Obama’s DVD gift box the British Prime Minister after they had crafted a pen made from the wood of slave trading vessel that was also used on the desk in Oval Office. We know it as the Resolute Desk. The people of Great Britain are very well aware that we have a President that has done everything but spray-paint it on the front door, his hostility towards our very white European friends for 200 years.

Obama’s bias. Do you understand that this story, had it been a white President and a black African nation, literally a nation in Africa, is a political stunt by the left to nudge Obama in a very important swing state. It won’t work, but it is what they in fact tried to pull off right under your nose; ready to call you a hate filled racist, bigot if you noticed. But let’s continue.

Racism. A big difference between the two cases is racism itself. Where the black teenager was the violent aggressor, race was ignored. Where the aggressor was reported as being white, it had to be corrected repeatedly because they were going to keep saying Zimmerman was white until it was not longer possible to get away with. So yes, racism is a very important factor that should not be ignored. But no, it really isn’t the issue the left is hammering at like a working girl on Friday night, although they are using race to keep you from asking reasonable questions, and from noticing elements of this mess that need to be addressed if you are serious about progress with race in America.

Racial slurs. I haven’t read anything that even makes a claim that Zimmerman hurled racial slurs at Mr. Martin, however in the other case in Tampa the aggressor, Mr. Tyson, used very colorful racial epithets with his victims. He was clear that it was about race, and that it was also about protecting his turf. Sound familiar? Yes, Zimmerman was patrolling his neighborhood so he was protecting his backyard too. The difference is that the young man in Tampa dealt out the death penalty for what he felt an infringement on his back yard committed the crime because of racial hatred, while Mr. Zimmerman reacted to a brutal physical assault with nary a peep about race. So the media ignored racism that the perpetrator admitted to freely and arrogantly, and the same exact folks seem very able to make a case based upon very thin and circumstantial evidence, yet completely unwilling to go there.

A Conviction. It’s a bit early to close the book on Zimmerman if we are to assume that he will not be charged, but when the aggressor was black and the victims white, a conviction came pretty easily as one would expect in a double murder with witnesses and physical evidence. I can see why blacks feel jilted, and the overall numbers look even worse. If you look at incarceration rates of blacks vs. any other demographic group in the country, it is obvious that there are a disproportionate number of African Americans in jail compared to all other ethnic groups. So although getting how and why some folks see things as wrong or unfair, I reject cursory judgment that does not consider all of the factors objectively.

Black Panthers. We’ve come to expect Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to be stirring the pot, it is in fact how they are able to maintain lavish lifestyles, but the appearance of Black Panthers offering a reward for the arrest of Zimmerman is illegal. As were the tweets from Rosie O’Donnell and Spike Lee trying to alert the crazies camped out in Sanford to where George Zimmerman might be hiding. He’s hiding because he fears for his life now, thanks to all of the above issues we’ve talked about thus far. But the BP presence is a particularly offensive item for Team Re-Elect Obama and his AG/Justice Department to refuse to pursue. The pathetic excuse we were given by Eric Holder as to why the Justice Dept wasn’t investigating the armed, club wielding and uniformed Black Panther militants who intimidated voters in Philly ion 08. In case you forgot, here was the Barack Obama/Eric Holder  Justice Dept. statement: 'The Justice Department was successful in obtaining an injunction that prohibits the defendant who brandished a weapon outside a Philadelphia polling place from doing so again. Claims were dismissed against the other defendants based on a careful assessment of the facts and the law. The department is committed to the vigorous prosecution of those who intimidate, threaten or coerce anyone exercising his or her sacred right to vote.' Or in other words since nobody proved that the bat swinging uniformed black nationalist militants caused voters to vote differently, he wasn’t going to look for the answer either. Imagine if that was the other way around? A couple of hooded Klansmen with bats seen within miles of a voting station, let alone in front of the main entrance. How do you think that would be treated?

There’s a reason I am on this and won’t let it go…

While all this garbage was going on I was visiting my granddaughter in a little town on the other side of Lake Jesup from Sanford. We’re only a few miles away, but you wouldn’t know this was going on within jogging distance from ground zero. The trouble makers are not local, and the issues I am raising need to be dealt with in order for my granddaughter to avoid the type of incident we experienced on Sunday in Disney with a neo-Nazi skinhead. I’ll explain…

In case you weren’t aware, my granddaughter is bi-racial, and I have a very “colorful” family on top of that. From my son’s side of the family she has a lot of European blood (England, France, Ireland and Italy), American (Cherokee), Asian (Chinese), and from mom’s side (she’s from Barbuda) she has a mix of Native American (Arawak and Carib) and African. If you saw here you’d know that this little lady is the model of the American melting pot, but this guy I’m talking about probably wouldn’t agree.

He stared at me, I stared at him and when I felt that he might do something stupid I took my granddaughter down from shoulders and got between the scary looking white supremacist and her. He had tattoos of swastikas, white power, white pride and all manner of other neo-Nazi symbolism covering both arms and his neck (that I could tell, I’m sure he was covered from head to toe), I was wearing my Special Forces hat because I had sun burned the top of my head at the beach the day prior, but it was shaping up to a potential physical confrontation the closer we got to passing each other from opposite directions while we stood in line for the Magic Carpet Ride, ride. By the time he got within striking distance he took his son (about 5 or 6 and decked out like Dad with neo-Nazi stuff all over his t-shirt) and started climbing over the ropes to get out of line. His wife stayed in line with their little girl (roughly same age, a bit younger perhaps) and he moved off to the side and stared off in the other/opposite direction, visibly straining not to look my way.

So that worked out while I was there and standing up to the perceived threat, but what about when grandpa wasn’t there?

That was pretty easy despite the obvious and unpleasant tension in line, but that was mild compared to the other cases of racial bigotry I experienced. No, that didn’t come until she and mom interacted with African American couples in the park. She would offer them seats in crowded places, and was snubbed. She tried striking up a small talk conversation in lines, and was snubbed and it seemed that the better that family seemed, the more likely it was that she would be treated like that. I have since asked a few friends that have bi-racial families is they experienced that or if it was me just be too sensitive because of the news and such. They all said the same thing in general, but specifically with regards to black to black treatment of each other… “I happens every single day, but I’d lose my mind if I internalized it. Shake it off, move on and forget it and them.”

So when I see black ambulance chasers stirring the pot, the media repeating a mantra that encourages the perpetuation of racial tension by reporting in a way that is hyper-sensitive to being critical of people of African descent, I see a problem that is getting worse because of their meddling, not better. Better would denouncing the prison gang fashion statements like hoodies worn up in Florida when it is in the 80s, pants pulled down below the butt cheek, the fake gold teeth, the tattoos glorifying violence and denigrating women, the music celebrating murder, drugs, sexually abusing women and promoting everything that has gone wrong in the African American community. A better world for her means that we find the courage to stand up this madness and not only standing your ground when you’re called a racist for all the wrong reasons (usually just to shut you up so that whatever it is that you’re focused on, goes away).

So between the arrogance of Obama and Holder who seem not just willing to create more tension, but actually trying to burn bridges, real racism, Black Panthers threatening and intimidating, demands to make arrest despite not even knowing how the system works (they know, but aren’t interested), neo-Nazis in my face and black on black snobbery…  Yeah, you can expect to hear me talk about this for as long as the media is fixated on this story and yet doesn’t do anything helpful and everything that makes racial tensions rise. I reject any argument that you need to be a member of a group to be able to identify and properly react to racial discrimination. From what I’ve seen so far the folks doing the most damage to racial tension in America are the same folks pretending to care.

© 2012 Peter Lounsbury - 3/30/12

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