Todays column: to thank Obama

They just wont quit will they?

I read one article so far this morning that tried to show distant photos of a security camera of Zimmerman and claiming that he wasn't injured as claimed. If the guy broke his nose, or more correctly had his nose broken by the deceased, it won't be hard to prove. Anyone want to bet that there will be no retraction in the newspapers?

Then there is Mr. Martin's coloful language he used in Twitter, as two months ago (before anyone knew or cared who Trayvon Martin is or was) a photo looking just like Trayvon used the nick 'NO_LIMIT_NIGGA'. How many times do I have to say this? If you don't want to be called one, quit saying it yourself. No, it's not okay for blacks to say nigger and not okay for a white person. Piss poor spelling doesn't count.


So where is Obama now? Since everyone was okay with Obama claiming that Trayvon could have been his son, he'll be okay with us saying 'Yes, Mr. Obama. He could have been your son' right next to real photos of who the real Trayvon Martin was. You know the drug using/dealing? thug who decided to attack rather than run and cost him his life when the victim tried to defend himself. So lets see that gansta grille Trayvon, show us your tats too! What's that? You didn't have any tats when you were 12 when the photos the media uses was taken?

We've come a long way since I stood when NOBODY else stood up, and I called the shot again. You get better and better at learning how to detect liberal lies. All you have to do is line up the charecters by political party and that's all you need to know or do, the truth will happen given just a little time and of course facts. When Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were going house to house in Sanford looking for donors and a tree to tie that hangman's noose on, I said wrong. I was right right. The difference between and everyone else who jumped on my bandwagon is that I just try to stick to the truth and leave the fish stories for fisherman and democrats.

Remember the Obamaphiles claiming that Obama was going to improve racial tension in America? Didn't work out as advertised by the media, did it? In fact I'd say that with the appointment of Eric Holder as his top lawyer in Washington and his racist policies, specifically when he carries out the duties of the office he holds, Obama threw that baby out with the bath water. Obama has polarized America, degraded our power as a nation with puprpose as he set out to damage all existing Western and warm relations we had for generations before him and must need a chiropractor for all the bowing he does will others. The Middle East is gone and Obama has done nothing to position the US with the emerging governments in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria. We did little to nothing to help them when they begged us, so now we have a Middle East where the Muslim Brotherhood dominates what was or were US allies. Israel has been thrown under the bus and as a result they (Israel) will probably have to take out that nuke site in Iran by themselves. Is that the change you hoped for in 2008?

So go ahead and vote for more Obama! Look at it like this, if he gets a second term we might be re-posting the Declaration of Independence with new signatures and starting over. So keep pushing Democrats. Keep lying about Mr. Martin the thug who died a violent death because he used violence against Zimmerman. Keep lying about unemployment figures, the economy and everything you lie about. Keep getting in front of that camera and scolding us for questioning you when you are telling a half truth at best. Keep doing that Barack, keep doing it. And when we are rid of you and the damage you've caused, we'll know exactly why we're telling all the liberals arriving in buses to protest the truth why we no longer are listening to them or care... and to thank Obama.

© 2012 Peter Lounsbury - 3/29/12

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