The ingredients for a GOP landslide

Obama is about to get his throat stepped on by the electorate, but the big question is who will be the next President? Perry got off to a good start, but has faltered and stock in Cain is rising as fast as Perry falls.

So what if it's Cain who goes up against Obama?


Obama already has lost most of his base, but the loss of his strongest base would make the inevitable slaughter a slaughter of historic proportions! Cain figures that he'll get at least one third of the black vote, but let's say he is being too optimistic and gets only one quarter of the black vote.


Yep, it'll be a landslide :)


I'm starting to really warm to Cain, too! I mean this fine candidate has told the thugs and bums protesting in NYC to 'get a job and quit whining'.


Is it 2012 yet?

'But how do you think older black people will vote if they are asked to pick between Cain and Obama. One is a black businessman, preacher and a Southerner and the other is a bi-racial, Ivy League graduate who rarely goes to church, has fewer blacks in his cabinet than George W. Bush and who supports gay rights.'

© 2011 Peter Lounsbury - 10/6/11

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