Worship God not a hole in the ground

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There is a lot of sabre rattling regarding the exclusion of clergy at Ground Zero on this 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America. For the record I'd like to point out a few things to share some personal perspective about the so-called controversy...

First, even the term 'Ground Zero' has been a topic of liberal think tanks, as they attempt to close the book and put this behind us. 9/11 has been very damaging to liberalism and it hasn't gone unnoticed. The alternative renderings for Ground Zero speak of now rather than then and use innocuous terms such as memorial which envision marble rather than flesh.

Next up is the use of the term “hallowed ground”. Again for the record I would like to say that I am against this type of terminology. The ground where the Twin Towers once stood is not holy; it is a hole in the ground where thousands of people lost their lives tragically. Not more, not less.

Then we have this whole issue of “if you let Christians pray, then you have to let Muslims pray, Hindus, Satanists and whoever else wants a microphone”. It is true that this is a country that guarantees religious freedom, and it is indeed not lawful to infringe on religious freedom. The problem is that the political leader has chosen religious neutrality in the name of keeping controversy from this solemn recognition of a national tragedy, not because we lack the religious freedom to exercise that right. Make no mistake, this is a choice. A choice that is spineless as far as I am concerned. Leaders are supposed to lead, not cower because a few toes might be stepped on. Funny that he doesn’t mind offending millions of Christians in this overwhelmingly Christian nation. Well, it’s actually not funny.

Lastly is the disappointing reaction from Christians themselves. If you want my opinion I think that Christians should boycott the event. If we weren’t invited then don’t go, don’t listen and don’t pay any attention to it. Go to church, it is a Sunday by the way, and worship God not a hole in the ground.


© 2011 Peter Lounsbury - 9/11/11

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