I had a heart attack, and thank God I have GREAT insurance!
by Peter Lounsbury

# 1. 11/8/13 11:59 AM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
First off Pete I'm happy for you that it was a "minor" heart attack although having even a minor heart attack compromises the heart muscle - so pay attention and take heed to what this is telling you.

Now at the risk of giving you another heart attack which I don't want to do, allow me to give you another side to what you wrote:

My branch manager has also worked his ass off his entire life. He's a Nuclear Pharmacist which required and still requires oodles of training, studying, smarts, and hard work. He has worked for our employer for 25 years. Two months ago his wife was diagnosed with M.S. He, his wife, and his doctor decided on a prescription drug which they all agreed would be the best drug to treat her M.S. with. Problem is the insurance company told them they wouldn't pay for the drug. (out of pocket cost would be $5k/month) My manager and our employer paid premiums to this company for 25 years and now when they're needed to fulfill their end of things they have declined. This has nothing at all to do with Obamacare and let's tell the WHOLE truth here: Health insurance companies have been playing games with people's lives for decades - long before anyone even knew who Barrack Obama was.

Editor's Note: Absolutely Nick, we need reform. The thought wouldn't even cross my mind to simply repeal Obamacare and that's that. There are parts of Obamacare that I like (like being able to cover children longer) and parts I don't like (like anything that involves force and takes away choice). The worst part though is that Obama doesn't have his sights set on fixing our health care system with the system that we refer to as Obamacare. It was designed to break and be replaced with a single payer system (socialized medicine), and old Barry is stunned right now at how quick and devastating his amateur has been. The damage was premature, literally, and although aware that millions would get dropped, he didn't realize how unpopular it would make him. It's all he cares about, so to him... this is a disaster! Just not for the same reasons that a family like ours would have had Obama's reach into my body had succeeded.

# 2. 11/8/13 12:09 PM by Mark - Greece
I think that a small 'surcharge' on existing policies could have been used to fund the few million being added to the rolls. The better the policy, the higher the fee. Still penalizing achievers, but compared to what is happening now, it would not turn the country topsy-turvy in fear. Now the ins. companies are being forced to make people pay for coverage they will never need in order to finance the people they now must cover who need it but can't pay. Free enterprise be damned!

Editor's Note: Honestly, I'm not sure that there are that many people who want insurance that don't have it already. Many are just fine with using the ER like a doctors office and pharmacy and just ignoring the bills later. The system needs reform, but it is a mistake to assume that the arguments used by Obamaphiles to illustrate why we "need" Obama to fix our health care problems are valid. President Pinocchio has no credibility in my book. He's lied far too many times to be received by me with any greater degree of confidence than Enquire Magazine, the History Channel or the Oprah network.

# 3. 11/8/13 2:07 PM by Jim - Rochester
First of all Peter I'm glad it was mild, but a suggestion from one who's been there. Do the rehab, and take all the medications your doctor prescribes. This also might be a wake up call for a lifestyle change; -- Trust your doctor!

I had a 4 way bypass in 2004 (was having a heart attack while on the doctors treadmill). Spent about 10 days in the hospital, BUT never saw a bill. I also had excellent insurance -- Medicare, with a medicare supplement that was medicare subsidized (I Don't pay a dime) -- you would probably call it socialized medicine.

I see my Cardio guy twice a year with a $35 co-pay each time.

2 years ago I had another bout of major surgery, with a few complications, and again didn't see a hospital bill, thanks to medicare.

In the case of the Cardio guy, My primary care doctor referred him, and turns out he is one of the best around, the more recent surgeon is published throughout the world, so nobody can claim I had second rate service.

SO In My (not so) Humble Opinion, single payer is the way to go, call it socialized medicine if you like, but it works for me.

Editor's Note: Thanks Jim. My objection to socialized medicine isn't shared risk; the other word for that is insurance btw. My objection is the AMERICAN dismissal of the concept of a right rather than something we all contribute into and my insistence on freedom of choice.

Obama Has pissed me off because he is an arrogant prick who is waging war on my freedom and the core of Americanism. he's gone way too far and as far as I am concerned there is nothing he can do to to fix that because he's lied too often and the media has covered for him too much. The damage he did to trust and actual damage will last generations Jim, and the gig is up. If Democrats want to survive that association they would be wise to start now and even then, I'm not sure that the breach of trust is fixable.

# 4. 11/8/13 6:07 PM by mk
I hope your heart heals well and you and yours are safe and sound.

Editor's Note: Thanks mk! Just got out of surgery and am good to go! I have some issues that need to be attended to but overall... I was blessed with a wake up call.

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