I'm just calling it like I see it.
by Peter Lounsbury

# 1. 8/5/11 6:22 AM by emotinalwave
thumbsup.gif You are absolutely right. Even our homeless street people have it better than in the poorest countries. Our people on welfare are complaining while they still smoke and drink on taxpayer's funding. Americans have lost the grit and backbone that helped make this country great It's not what can I do for my country, but what can my country do for me

Editor's Note: I think if ever faced with a challenge similar to WWII, America will not be okay. The youth of America are so pitifully ill equipped to handle hardship greater than having to reboot a video game, that I fear that it wont turn out so well for us next time.

Thanks ew!

# 2. 8/5/11 7:43 AM by deep water - Lake Oneipeein
both you and EW have stated this beautifully. I forgot who said it but something along the lines that people from places like Bangladesh who are truly poor would love to come here and be poor.

Editor's Note: There also seems to be a lot of people who have birth defects. I was just commented today that I don't know if they are as common in the West but just not seen because they are not forced to beg on the streets to survive, or if there is some environmental factor (pollution perhaps?) that causes more birth defects. The point being that we would never think of not taking care of the basic needs of the handicapped.

There is so much that we take for granted in America that it is truly troubling on a grand scale. Add to this the attitudes of Westerners who mock poverty, true poverty, here and it is just sad beyond words regarding how warped our view of the world has become.

Thanks dw!

# 3. 8/5/11 10:07 AM by Eric - Rochester, NY
You wrote:

"I guess as a Christian I am not surprised to feel the anguish that I feel as I often pray to God to break my heart for the things that breaks His. Unwittingly, I got what I asked for and didn't like what I saw."

Christian or not, this is an experience most do/would not welcome - but, nevertheless, should have.

Editor's Note: It wouldn't hurt anyone, that's for sure!

Thanks Eric :)

# 4. 8/5/11 12:21 PM by Mickey Sanders
About 6 or 7 years ago I spent some time with the Maasai tribe in Kenya.

They live in grass huts covered with cow dung. Electricity? Unheard of. Running water? What the heck is that? Medical care? Can you say witch doctor?

The women do ALL the work and I mean EVERYTHING. The men just sit around and enjoy the fruits of the womens labor.

They do have on important job, however, and that is beating the women and children when they get out of line. They have two sticks. One for the women and one for the children. You never use the wife's stick to beat the kids or vice versa, that would be a very bad thing.

Can you imagine how that would fly in the U.S.

Get back safely my friend.

Editor's Note: We oftentimes mistake cultural differences for inferior ways. In my travels abroad I have always tried to embrace the culture I was in at the time, understanding that my ways may work for me me in my country, but that the ways of others in other other lands are to be accepted as is (bar physical abuse of other human beings, and I've seen that too).

Thanks Mickey!

# 5. 8/5/11 12:29 PM by Lurker
I totally agree, Pete. I went on missions trips with my church to Haiti and Jamaica and saw the same things. Our "poor" would be at least middle class in both of those places. Yes, Jamaica at least has some nice tourist places (Haiti really has none), but most of the native people in Jamaica still live much poorer than our poor.

I came away from both places feeling incredibly blessed by God. By American standards, I might be considered poor, I guess. I live from check to check, my savings is non-existent, I can't save for retirement because I need it all now to make ends meet, but I have a two-story house and three cars and a color TV, so, by their standards, I'm rich!

Besides all that, I have Jesus, and the promise of heaven, so I really am rich! :-)

Editor's Note: AMEN Lurker!!! AMEN!!!

# 6. 8/5/11 2:12 PM by A Reader
Peter, not to change the subject, but check this out. It's no longer Mary and Joseph. Christ was birthed by two homosexuals. It's being preached in more than one church. Have a vomit bag near your computer before reading it. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=329429

Editor's Note: I listened in horror to a similar sermon on the radio in Seattle a few years ago where the lesbian actually "I thought about this Holy Spirit thing and then it dawned on me... Jesus has two mommies. I think I fell a sermon coming on!"

I couldn't change the channel fast enough. Scripture warns us of these times and I assure you my friend that we are living historic days and the likelihood of you being a living witness to the restoration of all things is an all time high!

Thanks A Reader :)

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