Was it like this for our grandparents?

Urban Myth: "Every generation does things that shocks their elders"

Things change, they always have and will. Lately however, things have been changing very rapidly thanks to advances in communication networks and technology. Like it or not, social changes are increasingly stemming from rapidly evolving technological advances that the mass market bites on, hook, line and sinker.

The [silent] information evolution

Wikipedia was launched at the same time as Microsoft had invested in it's encyclopedia project MSN Encarta, and Microsoft lost as their encyclopedia commercial venture closed it's doors in 2009, while Wikipedia has become the de facto standard.

Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, Wikipedia became the gold standard in 'good enough if it's free', more of a reaction to rapid advances in everything, including data itself, than just a product, Wikipedia is open source; the true innovation here. People are willing to pay for things, but if it can't make it as a commercial product, open source options suddenly become top contenders in multiple devices. In the end WIkipedia does a good job of satisfying curious visitors with an opening paragraph that doubles as a dictionary version of the definition of word(s), where the more abstract concept of topics are summarized and inter-linked for cross reference.

The Competition Gets A Level Playing Field

Where else does non-commercial enterprises get the same platform and rules to operate by?

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