How did the Kurds repel ISIS

2 Reasons

There are 2 reasons that the Kurds have scored initial wins against ISIS as they dislodged and attempted to hold the ground against the terror organization that the Iraqi military is unable to confront and defeat.

1. The U.S. Air Force (USAF). Hitting a convey of armed terrorists en route to confront the Peshmerga who are holding ground independently of a larger response (absent) the Iraqi military. It didn't take much, but the air support proved to be a very economical use of force to use minimal (collateral damage) capital while enabling the local people to hold off ISIS from Kurdistan. Nobody knows if they will be able to continue to hold what they have, but with U.S. air power on the table they have the ability to prepare for more stable longer term solutions.

2. The Peshmerga. Literally "those who confront death"), Peshmerga is the term used by Kurds to refer to armed Kurdish fighters. Having a militia that is very aware of the true nature of the enemy and embrace that death is at the heart of who lives and exists and who doesn't and is forgotten, is key. Like the IDF the stakes are simple and non-negotiable... fight and win, or your family's will be robbed, raped and horrifically murdered.

Lets see if our Chump in Chief figures it out now.

© 2014 Peter Lounsbury - 8/11/14

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