A very disturbing new trend

Have you noticed the increase in the media's attention given to the inescapable mess we call current events lately?

Have you noticed the censorship of comments in those same articles?

It's not everywhere, but the NY and LA Times are on blackout drive. Don't take my word for it, read articles where the aforementioned have addressed the unavoidable mess created by the vacuum of U.S. leadership worldwide and look at the comments that get through the gatekeepers. It was bad enough that they ignored all of the events leading up to the mess we're in right now, but this trend of silencing the voice of folks critical of the details they are leaving out is the most dangerous attempt to control what we believe to be true that we have ever seen in this country. Bias is one thing, but filtering information out that sheds light on the inaccuracies of said propaganda is a clear sign of a nation in the midst of an intellectual revolution against facts.

Whether the story is the attempt to distort the facts regarding a violent thug with a history of juvenile delinquency including second degree murder charges being passed off as "good kid", to the sheer volume of details of the total explosion of blowback to events caused by the inaction of our President from our southern border to Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Libya or other points of failure directly attributed to the lack of leadership the world over, we are hearing about trouble but it is clearly damage control, not news.

My advice is to go to places like the Drudge Report for a more accurate picture of where we are in reality, but the biggest thing you can do to help yourself is to do your own homework, form your own opinions and to influence everyone who you know by acknowledging that the political Left has waged war against the truth. Disagreeing with left wing foot soldiers on a mission to distort the truth in order to win the next election is a given if you aren't one of them, and trying to refute their claims backed up with media distortions we call the news, is a futile effort. Keep yourself in the know, vote and prepare yourselves for the aftermath of the November election when our last chance to remove toxic leaders happens. 

The good news is that they will lose in November, but the bad news is that they will make a last ditch to attempt to avert the inevitable exposure of what they've done. I hope I'm wrong, but I think that it will result in outrageous backlash that we can just hope and pray doesn't turn violent. Think of it like this...

If the Left sees the truth seeing the light of day and more and more of it occurring when those who have kept the lies alive are exposed and in some cases prosecuted (think Eric Holder), will they fight to hold the line? If you think they're nasty, cheating, lying liars now, imagine the depths to which they will sink when they can no longer get away with everything they worked so hard to establish. 

© 2014 Peter Lounsbury - 9/1/14

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