The Freedom Chronicles is Live and FULLY Operational

I had mentioned this before but wanted to re-announce the project I call the "The Freedom Chronicles" after giving it a major face lift and live launch using the Rebel Mouse platform. I still have some work to do under the hood to automate a few tasks, but from the readers perspective you can consider the 1st Edition of what I think will be the internet's first truly people based news aggregation service. Parts here, pieces there do exist that touch on the concept of basing news on people through social media, but I have taken the step of putting it all together in a way that overcomes the frustrating limitations that all of the competition gets caught up in. So without further adeu and just for you, the first to get a glimpse of what I hope will set fire to journalism and rip it from the control of agenda driven political extremists and into the hands of people and by people...

The Freedom Chronicles:

I will write more about how it works, how you can get your own and how to keep it packed with fresh content that takes what your friends online are reading and creating your own personal newspaper/emagazine!

© 2014 Peter Lounsbury - 6/20/14

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The Freedom Chronicles
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