Weird, no?

Let's play some mind games, shall we...

'Let us cosedinr the use of a polrar tirck of srots, wrhee olny the frsit and lsat ltteres msut rieamn the smae. The reslut is waht you are rnedaig. Eevry wrod, asmlot to the one, is meplleissd.'

You understood that, right?

So, can you feel me when I say that what you think is just how things are, might be a little different than you would find settling?


Filters are the problem, and we all use them.

They have a new camera out now that captures everything mechanically and digitally possible, and no longer is a fixed moment in time captures by this set of physiological factors. In practical terms it means that all the data is captured, so when you process it you can do anything possible given the data available.

Trust me, I have thousands of articles I'd love to throw up for a meal of red meat for the commenting base, but for once it isn't about the outcome; but only the process.


The Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) is that we have to be aware of how our brains process things, and that when observing and pronouncing judgement of of the past, we have to consider how they perceived it in that time.

Who's still in?

© 2017 Peter Lounsbury - 2/27/17

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