Abortion Is A Way of Avoiding Consequences,

Abortion is a way of avoiding the consequences of sexual relations.

Using welfare- is a way of letting others be responsible for your problems.

Both are wrong- both are results of irresponsibility.

Purposefully ending a life is murder. Whether its suicide, infanticide, or homicide.

Failing to provide for your own, and not taking responsibility for their provision is being derelict in duty and obligations.

Welfare is a social engineering error perpetrated by the society who sets it up and allows it to continue. It is wrong to help people without providing some dignified way to allow them to help themselves. (Welfare is a social engineering error that tries to accomplish good, but falls short. It is a hand out, and if we ever use welfare- we should feel shame that we have neglected our duty. Welfare should be used as a last resort, not a first option)

Abortion is a result of having sexual relations, and trying to avoid the consequences. It's a sin- it damages those who have abortions mentally and physically. Abortion takes the life of another.

I don't understand how anyone can support either because they both boil down to personal irresponsibility. I do not see how they can or should be opposed- because they are both wrong.

As a teen, my very good friend had an abortion because her father forced her to. I cannot tell you the personal trauma and emotional impact it has had on her life. Her father did not want to go through the shame and burden of an illegitimate child. But, her father didn't seem too concerned about her sexual behavior--- as long as she never brought home any reminders of reality.

The poor will always be with us (new testament) we should help and work to keep the poor from starving to death. However opposition to the misuse of welfare is not one bit contradictory to being opposed to abortion.

© 2003 Miss K - 12/20/03

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