Not My Style

I've listened to some of the Republican National Conventions Speeches. Not all, and what few I've listened to, I just can't stomach. There's so much personal adulation and aggrandizement, it bothers me more than ever.

I had hoped to hear more about Our Sacred Duty to God, Family and Country.

I had hoped to hear about changing our nation from the inside out, starting with ourselves and correcting our selfish ways.

I had hoped to hear more about sacrifice, heroes, giving a LOT more credit to those who have paid high prices before this generation and what we can do to give more to the generations to come.

Maybe I didn't hear correctly, and like I stated, I haven't listened to everything, but I expected, hoped and wanted something completely different than I heard.

I had to stop listening.

If I missed something good, and it's important to you, - and you have the time, feel free to leave a note.

© 2016 Teresa Kearl - 7/23/16

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