LAKE POWELL SCAM (National Park Service, Not So Service Oriented)

Just a heads up... if you ever travel to Glen Canyon Dam, and visit Lake Powell, let this be a warning and watch your car and where you park. There seems to be a pattern of improper parking lot markings. It's the NPS responsibility, but if you want to leave the park with your car, you must pay the towing fee.

Mr. K. took his first trip to Lake Powell. When he returned to his car, it was gone. He sent me a text, "car is missing." He found a park ranger, who explained his car had been towed, because it was illegally parked.

Mr. K explained that it was not illegally parked, because there were no markings, no signs, just black top where he was parked, the National Park Service ranger, Officer Bryant, explained, that it was "our fault because it is not marked, so to be sympathetic to your plight, we will not issue a citation."

So, then Mr. K went into the Sinclair Gas Station, and told them he was not given a citation, his car had been illegally towed, and he'd like the boot removed, and allowed to leave.

The Sinclair Gas Station manager agreed, and an employee followed Mr K. to his car to remove the boot.

On the way there, the Park Ranger, who may have been a nice woman named Ranger Bryant, became upset, and told Mr. K, he was bordering on disorderly conduct, because he interferred with her judgement and now she was going to issue him a citation and he would pay the towing fee. She demanded his license, registration and proof of insurance. A park ranger- hmm.

She would not let him leave until he returned to the service station and paid the towing fee.

I guess a park ranger now has power and authority to decide what a towing service can charge. Mr. K tried to explain to Ranger Bryant, she had no authority over the service station's agreement with him. She disagreed. A writer from the Denver Post, was told by a ranger, that "Park Service Rangers, have no bearing on what the tow company charges."

It smells like a racket.

Mr. K returned to the service station and paid the fee by credit card. He has the Lake Powell Resort and Marina Repair Order and Invoice stating:

"advised on 9/6/2010. Ticket was voided. Tow fee waived as well, NPS IMPOUND NO Ticket."

The ticket did not list the license plate and the car make and color were completely wrong on the invoice.

And yet, the National Park Ranger said he had to pay it anyway, or he could not leave. She never gave him the promised citation.

If she did, she'd have to go to court. The bill came through on our credit card statement today as "BullFrog Marina, Inc."

Should Mr. K dispute the charges?

Out of curiosity, this isn't the first time it's happened. Even a writer for the Denver Post has something to say about this.

Lake Powell

© 2010 Miss K - 9/11/10

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