Not My Style
by Teresa Kearl

# 1. 7/23/16 9:43 AM by Gary - Williamson
I didn't listen to most of the speeches because that's what they always are, self aggrandizement. I did listen to the Marcus Luttrell speech and found it to be worth a listen.

Editor's Note: Thank you for the tip! I will look him up and listen.

# 2. 7/23/16 1:08 PM by Growel E. Bayher
I did have the opportunity to catch several of the speeches. Of those, I found the speech given by Marcus Luttrell to be the most emotionally stirring to me personally, as well as being the most genuine and sincere of those presented.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Jr.'s speech obviously was well prepared and well articulated, but seemed to me to lack the sincerity needed to carry out his message.

Rudy Giuliani's shouting speech must have raised his own blood pressure to an unacceptably high level. To me he often shoots from the hip as does the man he was there to support - Donald Trump. No doubt he energized the crowd, though.

Editor's Note: Thanks for such a great report!

# 3. 7/23/16 2:58 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater
I listened on and off and yawning. Boiler-plate-ish. Seems the RNC got ahold of the program? Expecting the Democrats' Convention will be similar. Saw the opening and had to flee the same old lines. I recall way back to Jack Kennedy and things seemed different then. Either I was more of a lemming or things actually WERE differently better in the "olden days." I even crafted a HUGE paper sign "Kennedy/Johnson" and stuck it in our lawn so the people walking home from the local factories could see it. No kiddin' - sure don't see "people walking home from the local factories" any more. And THAT is a big part of the problem! Nother thing I miss: Sunday morning church bells - recognize every distinctive one of many far and wide. I wasn't a particularly devout kid, but those underscoring punctuations of a peaceful morning made everything seem right. Citizens shared common, moral, righteous, patriotic values; life was good.

Editor's Note: Oh Tom- I love your ingenuity in creating the Kennedy sign! I too feel very much the same. Church bells ringing - Sunday morning quiet, stores closed, life was slower. We did stop from hustle and bustle. Thank you for stopping by and brightening up the place. :)

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