My Unreasonable Belief In Organized Religion
by Teresa Kearl

# 1. 1/24/13 2:43 AM by Zjabs
There is only one way to be convinced of the truth of anything. Its through what we call the Holy Ghost

Not quite true. I know many many things are true through experience, through reading, and through observing- I don't need any divine intervention to know the truth of the mundane- my car is white. No one needs a force from on-high to convince him of this truth.

Editor's Note: Really, how did you learn the color white? You have known that truth, "the color white" for a very long time: So how did you first learn that? How did you come to know that? It may be mundane now, but at one time it was not mundane. Just teasing you a bit, :) Thanks for reading and sharing your viewpoint. One of my favorite Authors, Neal A. Maxwell quoted this, "To be learned is good if we harken to the counsels of God instead of setting them aside, as if we have some how out grown them."

# 2. 1/24/13 4:19 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed reading your column and truly respect your beliefs... Although I parry with Albert on the mystical side, I see the inclusion of all religions to some extent, in peace, preferable to the exclusion of any religion in war and enmity... We the humane, human people of the Earth are all of one family, but like many families, we all just don't get along very well sometimes...

I was brought up Roman Catholic, but I married a divorced woman with three small children so technically I was excommunicated... I have visited other churches also, which is a nono... I listen, I look, I think...

And as I have said before, the two young Mormon men who visited me when I was homeless, (well, just my first humble apartment after the VA gave me 50% disability); reinforced my faith, and hope, with a charity of their soul. So after being ostracized from one church, of my youth, and encouraged, affirmed, and validated by another, how could I deny either???

As I have also said before, Saint Bonaventure, like his mentor, Saint Francis of Assisi, were actually of Rome but not of Roman nature, choosing Mother Nature, and humility, rather than the pomp and circumstance of the Peter Principle... They (B and F), were renegade friars or Brown "Robed" Indians of Rome and the dogma of ostentatious organization...

One of my multiple personalities when in Sure-deep-woods and dense forest? was as an uncle Festus of Friar Tuck with "Thing" and cousin "IT", my imaginary friends, I talked to when I would get bored listening to myself... I never did find Robin Hood or the Holy Grail, but like the fourth wise man from the east, I helped many people along the way, and I think God would be happy with that...

Thanx again for the column. Food for thought at 3:30AM here in NYS, South Western NYS south of Buffalo on the PA border, where it is called the Enchanted Mountains just North of God's Country by the colloquial indigenous inhabitants...

(or out in the twigs almost out in the sticks, as we used to jokingly refer to our area as teenagers in the sixties...)

Here in the foothills of the Alleghenies, just north of the Allegheny Plateau in a small town near Saint Bonaventure University, once called Little Jerusalem of the New World, situated on the Allegheny River where the red fern grew and the fawn and the yearling were seen every spring.

I once attended the Hill Cumorah Pageant in Palmyra NY and was very moved by the story and the presentation...

And To All those of the Mormon faith, I give thanx for all you do in the kind missionary work of the fine example of two young men who encouraged, and validated a very strange, weird, and unusual, Amish X Marine to "hang in there" until God found a purpose for me...

Editor's Note: Thank you for reading this personal column and sharing some of your personal experiences.

# 3. 1/24/13 9:15 AM by Marilyn
Your column is well written. Thank you.

Editor's Note: Thanks for reading. Your good words are more than I deserve.

# 4. 1/24/13 11:31 AM by Gary - Williamson
I think this is a wonderful description of not only what you believe, but why. I may not believe the same things as you, but that's ok. I don't have a need to invalidate your beliefs in order to validate mine. We each believe what we believe and that's as it should be. I think the stumbling point for many when it comes to, not only religion, but belief in God is that in order to have that belief you must first shed the idea of your own superiority. I don't know of any way to prove it but it sure does seem that we are trending in the opposite direction as a society. BTW, I love that Chesterton quote. I'm going to print that and keep it handy. Thanks for sharing.

Editor's Note: Thank you for reading. My dearest friends have different beliefs. One- left the LDS Church, and is now Baptist. Another is Agnostic. Another friend was once a Born Again-converted when and joined her Jewish husband in his faith. How can we be so different in our faiths, but such good friends? To say I find it miraculous would be an understatement. They have enriched my life. I have been blessed- really blessed to have friends from all walks of life. Thank you for allowing me to share my beliefs, without feeling obligated to agree with me. Chesterton was a genius.

# 5. 1/24/13 12:42 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
My faith and trust is in Christ and what He did at Calvary. As to faith in organized religion - not so much. Still, thanks for sharing.

Editor's Note: Thanks for reading.

# 6. 1/24/13 5:09 PM by Gramma
I very much enjoyed this. Thanks for writing it.

Editor's Note: Thanks for reading it. Be safe Gramma! The icey rain roads are awful~!

# 7. 1/24/13 8:15 PM by Albert 1
Some of us seek and serve God within a group and others choose the solitary route that the group might try to convince us is not the Correct Way.

Some who choose the solitary way feel that everyone must worship independently.

I see value in both ways

The Roman Catholic Church has burned people for Heresy and later elevated them to Sainthood.

So much for the wisdom of organized religion.

Witness the history of Joan of Arc

Editor's Note: Yes, we all have our own ways. Mine is most unreasonable! Yours could be considered unreasonable too. :)

# 8. 1/24/13 9:23 PM by Gramma
The ice IS awful. That's why I stayed inside all day and read blogs and Facebook posts!

Stay warm. :)

Editor's Note: What a mess it's been around here! I was thrilled we had 34 degree weather to give us a chance to literally break the ice and scatter salt!

# 9. 12/5/13 6:30 AM by Wayne - Riverton
thumbsup.gif I commend you for your perseverance on WOTL. I often mourn the loss of my enthusiasm for writing here. We lost so many good LDS thinkers as it seemed to me that our efforts were somehow of greater value elsewhere. Now, unfortunately, I have drifted to not much effort anywhere. And that is worse than the first.

Editor's Note: It may simply be a case of time and season. Or, perhaps Facebook has become the outlet for many. I don't know. Thank you for your kind words. I think I remain here out of gratitude. I will always be indebted to those who cheered me on and encouraged me to keep trying.

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