# 1. 11/26/10 7:36 AM by deep water - Lake Oneipeein
Miss K, this is more valuable than anything that can be found in stores this black Friday. Excellent. I can relate with my illness this past spring, there was little I wanted to do, including reading and writing.

Recently a former co-worker paid me a high compliment, she said "You are the type of person who is complete in himself, always moving forward & expanding yourself, never depending on another for that completion or for happiness."

but I think htis guy said it best and you probably know it now too:

'Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles.' Charlie Chaplin

Editor's Note: Thank you deep... the writing here is better than therapy, ( and significantly more affordable!) I've enjoyed everyones writing, I don't always comment, because my brain is not always coherent,, but I am grateful for everyone who writes here.

# 2. 11/26/10 8:25 AM by Lynne
Wonderful column! I've been undergoing a bout of self-pity and I felt this was written for me too. Love the Amazing Grace ending, God is so good and he sends us teachers when we need them. Thank you Miss K.

Editor's Note: Lynne, you are one of those that inspires me still!

# 3. 11/26/10 9:22 AM by Marilyn
thumbsup.gif Absolutely awe inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Editor's Note: Sweet Marilyn, And I have enjoyed your writings as well!

# 4. 11/26/10 9:46 AM by twiggins
This was beautiful, Teresa -- thanks very much for sharing your journey with us! - Sheila

Editor's Note: ;) Twiggss, ever heard the song, "My Thanksgiving" by Don Henley? I didn't want to go to bed last night, without, writing a little of "My Thanksgiving" to all those here, past and present who've made the world a little better and easier for me! - For I'm grateful and humbled.

# 5. 11/28/10 8:28 PM by Eileen
I've been gone far too long, Dear Teresa, and it was Twig who told me to read this - I am so glad you wrote it - you should be proud of all you have done and what you are yet to become. You have always been my hero and I felt like I've let you down by not being around.

Your "Ordinary Bowl" is pure and sparkling as the day you first wrote it - please post it again soon for the others to see.

I will try to be a better friend...

Editor's Note: I will post it.

# 6. 11/30/10 1:51 PM by Jen G - Maysville, WV
Touched me so very deeply! Thank you for sharing!!! God bless you!!!

Editor's Note: You are most welcome, and thank you!

# 7. 10/24/13 6:43 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I truly enjoyed this column. I must have missed it the first time around. Thank you for reposting...

In many ways I can relate to your experience, especially with the varying degrees of aphasia from my TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury), in 2000...

Definitions of aphasia:

noun: inability to use or understand language (spoken or written) because of a brain lesion

Although I called it my Cerebral Charleyhorse to be descriptive and imaginative, (A neologism? A sure sign of mental illness one psychiatrist told me...Well then, I guess I am the king of neologisms...)

Definitions of neologism:

noun: the act of inventing a word or phrase

noun: a newly invented word or phrase

Sort of like my "congestive brain failure" and "cerebral silly putty"...

Walking backwards quickly with my tongue in a turret syndrome where I shot it off in all directions...:):):)

I have been told I use ellipses a lot, and way too often...

...Definitions of ellipsis:

noun: omission or suppression of parts of words or sentences

I haven't figured out how to do footnotes well here on WOTL format but I should probably do it in word first and then transfer the edited copy to the edit page of WOTL...

Any way thank you for all your inspiration, courage, and encouragement...

Everyone here on WOTL has helped me grow from a few lucid moments to some almost cohesive periods of time before I phase out mentally...

Like Albert and AC I AM AC current, of multiphase, voltage, and my amperage amp-err-age is 64 years young, before I realize I am old...

I enjoy those few lucid moments when random thoughts actually coalesce into a proper sentence of coherent and cohesive speech…..(usually in the early morning hours, with a quart of coffee in my radiator?)

An invalid is not INVALID…

Wordplay helped me to find myself too…

Or at least H-A.L.F. of my once upon a time,

Beautiful Mind… (drafted and sent to Vietnam)43 year sago...

Thank you again from the Amish "X" Marine an ethereal enigma of wrong guy, wrong place, wrong time, wrong reason, and who often goes the wrong way, (against medical advice, and against the lawyers grain, of bullying) (medical suicide to go AMA against medical advice, and legal suicide , to try and represent oneself honestly in a court of law, even family law...

WHAT IN HELL DO THOSE LAWYERS AND JUDGES,,, ANY LAWYERS AND JUDGES;;; KNOW ABOUT MY FAMILY AND MY CHILDREN, who were nurtured by a Munchhausen By Syndrome woman, whom God destined for me to fall in love with in 1978, and be blessed to have three children from our good times, and not to magnify the bad times...

Plus my two stepdaughters from my ex-wife's first marriage, to an Army Vietnam Combat Veteran who was not a bad guy, but like me had been drafted, or induced t enlist, and walk his way through hell also, not only in Vietnam but in the marital purgatory of living with a woman who has serious mental health issues... (does one give up or does one, love and cherish, through the good and the bad, in sickness and in health...)

Well I know I tried, but the lawyers said she'd be better off with all the money, minus lawyers fees, and no contact at all with the husband who supported a family of seven while she went to college at age 40-44 and became an R.N. with a 4yr BS in Nursing...

Also she got SOUL CUSTODY of the children with malicious maternal manipulations of their minds...

(Marines have a word for that)

But I have went through the anger phase and the denial, and the bargaining , and some really deep depression, and thank G.O.D. that now I am in the acceptance phase of all that drama and pain...

I had to leave it all up to a higher power, because I couldn't fix everything...(I tried, but I am only human, and a human has to know his limitations, and leave the rest of the world up to G.O.D.)

As I have told my children, now 33,30,29,... How could I, NOT LOVE, the mother of our children, all be it in a past tense, pluperfect sort of way...

I did my best, and that is all any man, or woman, can do...

And I hear voices, my Father and My Mother telling me; it is OK...

"No one ever said; life was going to be easy..."

God bless you Miss K...(wherever you are?)

You are a good woman, who deserves a break today and a smile...

"Sometimes my mind wanders,,, and it forgets to come back..."

I thank God it came back this morning, at least for a few minutes...

Fading now, so so long...

Happy Trails til we meet again on WOTL...

AXM---little john

Editor's Note: John I live in Utah. Thank you for the well wishes and blessings ! And same to you- God bless you.

# 8. 10/24/13 3:12 PM by ME - Livonia
thumbsup.gif I admire you very much. You are an amazing person and truly enjoy your writing. Bless you!

Editor's Note: Mucho Gracias.

# 9. 10/24/13 10:45 PM by Andrew
Amen and amen.

Editor's Note: Thank You.

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