It seemed like a good idea, especially since no one would sell me eyeglasses until I got those cataracts removed. So off I went to get them done like the good girl I am.

Several hundred dollars and gobs of eye drops and some pain and lots of fuzziness later, they were off both eyes. I still have to put in the drops three times a day, but now I have to put them in both eyes as they only do surgery on one eye at a time. Burnout has become my daily companion. On top of all that, I have to have frequent follow-ups at $50 a reluctant visit so there goes all my Christmas money. I know for sure the eye doctors will have better Christmases than I will.

Now my right eye has lost its fuzziness and my left eye was done this past Monday. But now I can't wear my glasses to read or watch TV or even to play Candy Crush. I am constantly reaching for them and they constantly don't work anymore. Sheesh. And I can't get a new prescription for four weeks or until they pronounce both eyes OKAY. And then I have to get the glasses at the place that sent me to get the cataracts off which I don't want to do because I looked at the cost of just the frames when I was there and saw that they were waaaay above my limit moneywise.

But the absolute worst part of this is - I see my house is dirty and dusty and all the switchplates are grubby and my picture frames have dustbunnies and I am going to have to break down and hire somebody to come in and clean my house from top to bottom. And here I was feeling proud of my pretty house all these years!

I had a big hullaballoo with my sister for not telling me that my house was dirty, after all, what are sisters for? And she told me that she has told me, in a gentle way, that it would be good if I got someone in to help me with the housework. And here I thought she was just saying that because she loved me and was concerned. Fooey on that!

Anyway, I wish I had that fuzziness in my eyes back. I would not be aware of how wrinkled my face has gotten. I would not know that all the mirrors needed attention. I would not even see that sticky stuff that is around all my doorknobs. I would be happy again.

So if you ask me if you should get the cataracts off your eyes, my answer would be a loud and absolute NO!

© 2015 Just Lynne - 11/25/15

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