I had family up from Jersey. I hadn't seen them for years, but she came up and brought her teenage daughter with her. She had driven all the way up to Canada so that her daughter could meet some young guy she had met and talked to on Facebook. It didn't work out to be worth anything, but the fact that her Mom did that for her reminded me of all my failures as a Mom! I would never have done that for my girls!

My neighbor called me and told me she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. A big healthy take-control type of woman, I was shaken. Lately I have been to hospice to sit with her, it took me seeing her spiky hair and skinny body to really know that she was dying in spite of my disbelief.

My dog Kali is a sickly girl, so unlike my other Papillons. Seems like there is always something wrong, many foods make her itchy, a wasp bit her on the belly, everything to do with her costs money. Sometimes I wonder why I got her to begin with. Oh, yes, now I remember, I did it because I hate living alone with nobody to get up for.

Summers have always been my good time healthwise, but this summer I have been bedeviled with bronchitis twice, and with a terrible flare-up of my IBS. Plus strange aches and pains in my shoulders and lower back. Plus a strange growth on my neck. Decided to go to a dermatologist, a gastro guy, a pulmonary guy, and a gyno woman. $50 a pop because my insurance has gone from $30 for a specialist all the way up to $50! Money money money. No end to my need for it.

Went for a walk with a man along the canal path. It was relaxing and I put my troubles in the cupboard for an hour or so. Didn’t wind up taking them back out until the next morning!

That’s enough griping for today. Next time I write I plan to be cheerful.

© 2015 Just Lynne - 10/11/15

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