I used to travel a lot with my late husband. I could pack up a suitcase and put my cosmetics and meds in the matching bag and be ready to go in half a day. Sometimes I would pack up his stuff too, because I had the time. Off we'd go in a state of excitement and back we'd come, glad to be home.

But I haven't gone much of anywhere since he died. Then my youngest brother died and I had to go to Virginia. Took me two days to pack. Had to re-check my suitcase and my cosmetic bag two or three times, to make sure I had remembered my lipstick or my lotion or my socks.

It was a nine hour trip, but we cut the traveling time in half by staying a a motel on the way. It was at that first motel that I could not find my Spiriva, which I was certain I had packed because without it I might have breathing problems. But it was gone - had it fallen into the toilet and been flushed when my cosmetic case fell off the toilet top? Motels never have enough counter space in their bathrooms if you haven't noticed. There were three of us, we needed counter space. Anyway, no Spiriva. Huffin' and puffin' the rest of the trip.

Couldn't find my underpants in my suitcase, and I didn't want to wear the ones I had on for the next four days. Yuck yuck. Then I remembered that I had put them into this zippered thingee on the outside of the suitcase where I also had put my socks.

Said goodbye to my brother and straightened his tie, it had come crooked in his casket. Cried. Another brother took us all out to eat but I was tense and couldn't remember my diet for IBS so I ate whatever. Had stomach pains the rest of the trip. Never thought of packing Gas-X. Sheesh.

Today I am home and have made a decision - I don't want to travel anywhere henceforth and forever more. I have everything I need right here and I don't want to live out of a suitcase. Here at home I know where my undies are - right in the top drawer of my dresser. And the Gas-X is in the medicine cabinet.

I'm too old to travel. It's too hard.

© 2015 Just Lynne - 3/31/15

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