We were supposed to have a big party tonight - a combination pot-luck supper and Valentine's Day. I was so ready for it, I even had done my share of the shopping and gotten out my plastic forks and and spoons and knives to set in pretty glasses for people to choose from. I felt desperate to see people again - we have been so snowed in and our plow people were lazy this year so none of us could even get out of our driveways. Mine has at least 6 feet of snow piled up around it, a hopeless situation with a little Kia Forte. No getting out, no getting in. Trapped!

I have been trying not to complain. In fact, I had made that my New Year's resolution and posted that on Facebook. I got to Day 33 and then I fell off the wagon. How was I to know that we would have named snowstorms and polar vortexes day after day? How was I to know that I couldn't even get to my mailbox anymore? How was I to know that yesterday, when we had a bit of sun and not much precipitation, I waded up to my mailbox and it was stuffed so full I couldn't even get the mail out of it? Yikes. Next year I am not making any foolish resolutions.

My boots have sprung a leak. I have lost my gloves 3 times. Both of my winter coats have turned cold and refuse to keep me warm. All of my scarves are pilled and wrinkled from constant wear. My two bathrobes look scruffy because I wear them over my jeans and sweatshirts all day long. I have missed my hair appointments because I'm not dug out yet, so I look like the wild woman of Borneo. I missed an important Doctor appointment so now it is set for the end of April. The weatherman said April could be as snowy as February.

But I soldier on. What choice do I have?

Happy Valentine's Day from me who is not at a party but sitting on the sunporch looking at the snow coming down....

© 2015 Just Lynne - 2/14/15

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