I don't know how this happened, since I keep a mat over the hole in the sink that leads to the garbage disposal, but this morning when I turned it on there was a horrible loud crunching noise and I took the mat off and looked down to see a fork sticking out of the disposal. What a way to start my day!

Anyway I called somebody and they came over and pulled the fork out and stood there pulling out the slivers of wood from the handle of the fork that were left in the disposal. That fork with the wooden handle reminded me how, many long years ago, when we went to the gas station and told them to fill 'er up, we always got a piece of silverware. That's where this fork was from. Sometimes we got a pretty glass. Something free and useful.

Nowadays we no longer have anyone to pump our gas, never mind check our oil and clean our windshield. As for free stuff, the best I can do is buy groceries at a store that gives me a percent off of the price of gas. Even with that, I can always figure on $30 to $40 dollars gone down the tank.

But I got over that when I had to pay $1.29 for one little tomato at the grocery store. And another $1.19 for a little cucumber. I did get a free Monopoly card but I am smart enough to know that you can't win on that game.

When I got home and started to make lunch I realized I had forgotten to buy bread. And aspirin. I was thinking about throwing the dog in the car and running back to the store, but the phone rang and it was my girlfriend dumping a load of chores for our Festival on me because her son was sick in a hospital in Maryland. Then another friend came over to get some of my marigold seeds that I had saved from last year. Then I went to my mailbox and got waylaid by my neighbor with a long tale of her problems. I ate a handful of cheese crackers and gave up on a quick trip back to the store. By now I was in a bad mood and had a pounding headache although I kept a smile on my face.

I have got to stop thinking about the olden days and being mad about nowadays when everything costs so much. Such negative thinking just gets me into a kerfuffle.

© 2014 Just Lynne - 5/30/14

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