One of my uncles had three wives. I heard from his first wife that he wasn't really married to his third wife, they found that out when she died and he wasn't included in the will and he had expected to inherit her house. One of my nieces fell in love with a man and had high hopes for their future, but he ditched her and she was heartbroken and she keeps posting 'their' songs. Another niece delivered twin girls just before she died of breast cancer. One of my nephews just bought a new house and sent us all a link to see how he is renovating it. These are people I have never seen nor even knew they were part of my family. And how do I now know all of this? I am on Facebook!

And no, I am not worried about the fact that we can be traced and tracked on FB. All the ads just go into my junk email folder and I delete them at the end of the day. And I have talked to my grandchildren about not posting anything derogatory because yes, their bosses can check them out on FB. But still, I wouldn't give it up because it has brought me so much pleasure in getting to meet family and friends that I haven't heard from in years! I play Words with Friends with my college roommate from 55 years ago, and with a cousin who married my brother's son and that I didn't know about because that brother is long gone to the Great Beyond.

But what I like best is that I can post and get responses. I love to read about politics and post small articles about what I read, for which I have a small contingent of regular readers who often share my work on their FB pages. And, for the new people in our family who I never knew, I am posting old pictures of Mom and Dad and all us 9 kids and they all love that, many tell me they are saving these pictures for their 'heritage' or whatnot.

So I hope it all continues because never a day goes by that I don't go to Facebook first thing in the morning.

© 2014 Just Lynne - 4/25/14

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