Now, my inner child is not some sweet loving adorable little girl. She can be intolerant, mouthy, and hard to get along with, which is why I keep her tucked into a far back corner of my heart.

Last night we had a party at my house. I had planned to share a box of family pictures of the past with everybody so that we could laugh at our clothes and see what all we were up to and who we were back then. But no sooner did I start to talk about doing that when a member of my family got a bored look on her face and cut me right off, going into a long diatribe about her most recent medical procedure and leaving me hanging with my mouth still open.

So my inner child crops up and she wants me to say “Shut up shut up shut up!” I bit my tongue because I knew this would lead to some bad things, but she would not crawl back into her corner. She wanted me to say “We are tired of your conversations, because they are always about you and you never ask how any of us are blah blah blah.” So before she got too loud I left the kitchen and went into the computer room and clicked on Facebook and played Candy Crush while I worked on getting that mouthy little girl back where she belonged. But I was still steamed and stewing. So I let her rant on until she discovered that we were alone in the room and the person she wanted to attack was still in the kitchen and the medical procedure was still the main topic of the conversation and people were hovering over that member of the family and sympathizing and that this furious inner child was only ranting on to me. And I didn’t go back into the kitchen until she and I had a talk about her being petty and trivial and if I said what she wanted me to say I was always in trouble afterward. I guess I am not as mature as I like to think I am, since she resides in me! LOL

© 2014 Just Lynne - 3/26/14

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