I had a friend who was a bit wacky, she taught all us other Moms on our street what a “fruit salad” is – a bowl of miscellaneous pills that you and your friends took just to see what the effect was. This was back before I got older and more cautious about medicines, and it seemed like a cool idea. Then she got hold of some marijuana which we all tried, too. It made life seem so much easier for me, I felt like I was no longer responsible for everything, a weight fell off my shoulders. The tension, so much a part of my life, briefly disappeared after one of our parties. I felt good. No worries.

My friend was getting her pot and pills from a guy at work, but he got fired, (my guess was that he came to work stoned one too many days!), and that was the end of our pot and pills parties. We went on to learn how to play pinochle, and the neighbors across the street got an above-ground pool, so all of us Moms out in the suburbs went on with life. If we thought of the pot at all, it was just with a laugh at how all of us nearly got addicted. We didn’t take it seriously.

Our neighborhood was a mix of lower and middle class people. We lived in starter homes, ranches and cape cods. We didn’t know anybody who lived in mansions, most of those people were in Pittsford and Penfield and they were all managers or supervisors or Big Bosses, not just working men like our husbands. A couple of the women worked full time, like my wacky friend, but most of us either stayed home with the kiddos or worked the famous 5-9 jobs at a store.

Our husbands worked hard at climbing the ladder with the hope of moving to a bigger house, and us Moms worked hard at raising happy productive children. All of us Moms on our street belonged to the PTA, and we all went to church. We were basically a happy group. We were living the American Dream.

Now that our kids are grown and we have grandchildren, we see that the rules that we lived by have been tossed aside, and there are people in all of our families who have been thrown out of work. Not only our precious children who we spent so much time and effort on raising right, but also our precious grandchildren. Families break apart over the rigors and hardships of being unemployed. People leave the haven of home and family and move across the country to find work. You might barely ever see some of them anymore. Your only communication is on Facebook. You have no idea how your children’s children are being raised, you cannot bake cookies for them for after school, you feel like you have lost your purpose. This loss of purpose has infected all the men and all the women who are unemployed and all the old Grammy’s and Grandpops too.

So what to do with all these unhappy people? Why, legalize marijuana! Marijauna will take away your need to be responsible, it will take away the tension of being home day after day with nothing to live for, it will take the weight of being unemployed off your shoulders, it will make all of us mellow and able to deal with the New Normal.

Could that be the real purpose behind the legalization of marijuana – staving off the outrage and uprising that would otherwise happen if you don’t keep everybody stoned out of their minds to the point where they will accept the New Normal, which has cut the foundation out from under us all?

I still remember how it made me feel.

© 2014 Just Lynne - 2/25/14

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