Well, I have discovered that I have reached an age in which I am not expected to 'help out' at Thanksgiving anymore. I have been kicked to the curb, left to sit with all the other elders while they discuss their cancers and headaches and arthritic fingers.

The young girls are all at the sink, doing dishes, cleaning up, making little packages for us elders to take home. I am no longer among them at the sink, laughing and cutting up. It seems like only yesterday that I was part of this group, but today I noticed that they are laughing about the antics of their kids while all of my kids are grown and now part of the group at the sink.

I had a happy day anyway and took home some goodies for me and Kali to eat, but it came as a bit of a shock that I am not needed anymore. My jobs are done. Of course I must admit that I am tired at the end of the party, that I need to take a nap after eating all that turkey, but still, it ain't easy to get kicked to the curb! LOL

© 2013 Just Lynne - 11/30/13

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