I am a strange person when it comes to money. My daughter and I were talking about it recently, and she reminded me of the time I bought a Kirby vacuum from some guy that came to the door selling them. My poor husband couldn't believe I had spent a thousand dollars on it. After I bought it I found out it was too heavy to lift so the only time we used it was to wash the rugs - or I should say HE used it for that. It became a family joke, the time Mom spent a wad on a vacuum she couldn't even lift. I've tried to sell the dern thing for a hundred but nobody bought it, probably they knew they couldn't lift it either!

But since my husband died and I no longer work, money has become a big thing in my life. I determined early on that I would not waste a cent. I would watch what I bought like a hawk. I cut up my credit cards. I rarely went to the Mall, so temptation couldn't find me.

But life throws me curve balls. I couldn't fit my big Buick into this little garage in this townhouse I moved to after selling my house, so I had to trade it in and get myself a little Kia. I wanted to be a debtless person so I took some money out of my savings to pay it off. But I made a solemn vow - I would not touch my savings again. Ever. Then my darling little Papillon had surgery for cancer and I had to go into my savings again. Then she died and I found myself too lonely without a doggie in my house, so I bought another Papillon. Between the cost of her and the cost of her flight here from Oregon, more money slithered out of my savings. Then I had to take a trip to Rhode Island for a wedding, and the hotels were unbelievably expensive because it was a resort area, so more money was subtracted.

In thinking it over, I have been careless many times. For instance, I have been known to go grocery shopping and see something that looks like it might taste good, buy it, and not like the taste of it after all and throw it out. I bet I have wasted hundreds doing this. Clothes are another problem - I have taken to having to buy clothes because my sweatshirts get pilled inside and my jeans stretch out at weird places and I realize I simply must replace these items. Pilled sweatshirts hurt my skin and stretched jeans look baggy around my rear end which no longer has the perky look it used to have. Then I got a burning on the bottoms of my feet and the doctor told me to quit wearing plastic WalMart shoes and get leather ones, so that was another bunch of money that wasn't in my budget.

I think I need to make NOT TOUCHING MY SAVINGS ANYMORE my resolution for the New Year. Of course life might throw me another curve ball between now and the New Year. You just never know.

© 2013 Just Lynne - 10/26/13

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