Sometimes I think I am too old to have gotten another doggie. First thing off the bat she managed to escape from her collar when Jer was getting it on her at the airport cargo bay and she ran like the wind, long ears flying, while I stood there and screamed. Jer ran after her (I can no longer run fast like that!), and she ran up a hill and right next to a road, where thank goodness she stopped and peed and then waited for Jer to pick her up. My heart was pounding and I couldn't breathe.

But we got her back in the car and she was quiet against me all the way home, I could feel her heart pounding too. When we got home she got the trembles and I couldn't calm her down. She was really scared and just stayed in the middle of the living room floor for about an hour. I gave her a piece of raw hamburger according to her owner's advice which she did eat. Shortly after that she pooped on my bed. Yuck! But no poops or pees were forthcoming for the rest of the day, in spite of me taking her for a couple of walks.

At night, she didn't seem to know where to go to sleep, I put her on my bed, I put her in the new fluffy red bed I had bought for her, I put her in JoJo's old green bed, I put her in the crate, no go. Finally I let her just roam the house while I tried to sleep. Then in the morning I was treated to a whole kitchen full of poops and pees! I don't know what you're like when you first get up, but I can tell you I am not a fit person to face that before the sun has even come all the way up!

Then today while I was outside putting away my garden ornaments in the garage, she decided she did not like her collar and somehow got the metal part of it stuck in her mouth and went crazy, twisting and fighting me and terrified, as was I! I finally got it unstuck from between her teeth and we came inside and I held her until she stopped trembling. I finally had a chance to notice how adorable she is, though. So that was good. I began to have some hope that we might actually work out as two people who can live together.

I feel sorry for her and for me, too, though, as she is having trouble adjusting and so am I!

© 2013 Just Lynne - 10/21/13

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