Near the end of my husband's life, I fell into this mood where I didn't want to cook anymore. So I started to buy a lot of Stouffers and made a bunch of pancakes, but he rarely ate more than a few bites of anything so it didn't seem worth it to bother cooking. He never complained until he was in the hospital, when he told me that the Dr. said he couldn't eat Stouffers anymore. I knew the Dr. had never said that, but the truth was, he was a meat and potatoes man and so I decided to buy a nice roast and some taters and carrots and have a real meal for him. But he never did come home.

So now I cook for myself, but even I can barely stand to look at another plate of slimy spaghetti and meatballs or even slimier mac and cheese from a box. So I have switched to buying a pork chop or a chicken breast and actually frying it in a pan, plus I get those packets of potatoes and add some asparagus or spinach and sometimes a lettuce salad so I feel some better about my diet. I just wish I had done this for Wes so I wouldn't still feel guilty about the crap I cooked for him before he died.

© 2013 Just Lynne - 7/1/13

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