Normally we don't discuss politics when we are together at a restaurant. But last week we got into it - I tried to stay out because I don't want to lose any friends over something none of us has any control over - but I did make the major mistake of bringing up Obamacare. Yikes! I was soundly and loudly scolded for calling this disaster Obamacare, I was informed that it is called the Affordable Care Act. And that Obama had nothing to do with it. And that Republicans are using Benghazi to try and bring down the President.

Did I bring up Benghazi? No, that was someone else, thank goodness. I poured some of that fake sugar that comes in a pink packet into my coffee and took a sip and tried to be invisible. The Liberals got louder, easily out-talking anyone who had a different opinion. Gun control is necessary, they said. Common core will save our schools. Morning-after pills are sorely needed and parents don't need to be informed. Fracking is wrong and a danger to our environment. We need to give up using oil and get into windmills and solar. They are glad Obama is staying away from Libya and Syria, it's long past time to stop getting into wars. Bush lied to us a heck of a lot more than Obama ever has.

The waitress finally brought our food and it got quiet. I wished I hadn't come today because I really do like my liberal friends and I know that nothing Conservatives or Republicans can say will make them change their minds. They watch the main-stream media and we watch Fox and CSpan.

The ride home was quiet. The two liberals sat in front and a republican and a conservative shared the back seat. I felt bad about the divide, mostly because I know that politicians really don't give a hoot about any of us or what we think. And I love my liberal friends and they love me in spite of the fact that I watch Fox, and I really don't want us to be divided.

© 2013 Just Lynne - 5/15/13

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