I have had a couple of stores in my lifetime, one a rare book and paper ephemera store called the Ridge Book Rack, and one a gift shop called Bayberry's. Time and finances and circumstances closed both of them, and I took some of my favorite items before I had a 50% off sale or auctioned off my inventory.

I toted this stuff around for years, thinking I would sell it all someday if by chance I ever became a bag lady. Well, I am not a bag lady yet but I would like to have some extra money under my mattress, so I am now ready to sell.

The problem is, where in the heck do you sell this stuff? I have a few antique dolls and a few that are newer and numbered. I have a box of old toys. I have a stereopticon with a bunch of cards. I have a big box of old valentines and advertisements. I have ten boxes of old books, some of which are rare. Some of which are not but I bet I could get $25 or $30 apiece for them. Anyway, to be honest I don't know what all I have downstairs, I haven't bothered to look at any of it for quite a few years now.

The thing is, I don't feel like setting up an ebay account, and a paypal account, taking all those pictures, doing accurate descriptions, packing up and mailing - it all sounds like a pile of work to me. I'm pretty much out of the work business, I like going to activities here in the community and playing on my computer and visiting people, I don't want to work on books and paper ephemera anymore, although there was a time far far back in my past where I loved it. Now the thought of it makes my back ache.

I've been thinking of just auctioning it all off, but that's risky if you don't get a good crowd looking for these odd items. I could take a bad loss. And dealers would only give me 30% of what it's worth. And I don't want to sell it piecemeal, I want somebody to take the whole kit and kaboodle.

I don't know what the heck I was thinking to tote all this stuff around with me over the years. It never occurred to me that I would reach a point where I was tired of it all and NOT be able to find a place to sell it!

© 2013 Just Lynne - 3/27/13

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