The Trots

My Papillon JoJo came down with a lung infection. The vet told me that delicate little dogs like her are not suited for our long cold winters, most of them live in the South or the West. Which I know is true since I belong to a Papillon list. But however that may be, I got her from a breeder in Batavia when she was 9 (and put out of the breeding program) and she is now 12 1/2, the median age for Paps to die. So I was extremely happy that they gave her two big-time injections and the coughing and choking and the gagging and me getting up off and on all night to hold her while she trembled and choked, stopped. My nerves stopped jangling and life was good again. She would live!

BUT then we started up another gross thing - the antibiotics gave her the runs! Yikes! If you've ever cleaned up after a poopie dog, you know what I'm talking about. The smell! The wet mess! The sore butt of your little furball! Trying to get her to go outside in the bitter cold to do all that mess somewhere that wasn't on your rug!

Finally we got to a couple of days where the yuck seemed to stop, so I took a few hours and went shopping with my daughter. My neighbor agreed to come over and let her out every hour or so, so off I went to waste money on a pop-eyed frog for my garden, should spring ever come.

When I got home, though, I could see that my poor neighbor had had to try and clean up poopie on several places on the rug. Boy did the place stink! JoJo came into the room with her tail between her legs, embarrassed bcause she normally never messed in the house.

Anyway, it took me a long time and a big bottle of Nature's Miracle and a roll of paper towels to bring my rug back to some semblance of normalcy.

I threw away the Pepto Bismol and the Imodium and put her on a chicken broth diet, and today she is better so I cleaned her thoroughly, face to tail and under it, too. I couldn't get the Pepto off her completely because she hated it and fought it and got it all over her ruff, but she looks kinda cute with all that pink around her face.

The only thing I have left to do is to call the carpet cleaners again.....

© 2013 Just Lynne - 3/19/13

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