I sure needed a party!  Christmas is a hard time for me now that I am grown and my kids are grown and my  grandkids are grown – I can’t seem to stop myself from thinking of other, merrier Christmases that have come and gone.  I didn’t even bother to put up a tree this year.

At the party, all my family was crowded around one little table in the restaurant, chairs dragged over from other tables so we could all sit squeezed together.  We laughed and talked and I gave my piece of pizza to my former husband’s wife because she liked hot peppers and I didn’t.  There were Christmas trees everywhere, sparkling!  My daughter brought me a White Russian and my daughter-in-law brought me a glass of ice water because I was talking too much which gets me to coughing.  My step-grandson was there with his pretty new bride.  My grandson was there with his girlfriend.  My daughter’s fiancee’s new little grandson was there, so we even had a baby in the family! 

After the party was over, my son and his wife came home with me and dragged my tree and ornaments up from the basement and put the tree up and hung a wreath they had bought me outside on the townhouse.  We were all tired but we had a little bit of ice cream and some coffee and they went home and I sat by myself on the couch and it occurred to me that, even though Christmas was  different than it used to be, still, it wasn't all that bad.  After all,  I still had my family, because no matter how “grown” they were, they were not gone.

I went to bed and went right to sleep, because, somehow, that party had changed the way I thought.

© 2012 Just Lynne - 12/12/12

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