I traded in my beautiful red Buick LaCrosse for a little Kia Forte.  Me and the Buick just quit getting along.  It just refused to park nicely in the little parking spaces in the parking lot at Tops, and I had terrible troubles trying to get it in and out of my one-car garage.  I ripped off the side view mirror twice, at $350 a pop for repairs.  I was constantly scraping the mirror on the right side, costing me $40 a pop to have it buffed out.  I don't know if the Buick was getting bigger or I was getting smaller, but the end came when I came in too far on the right again and this time the garage reached out and put four really deep scratches on the car itself.  These were not the kind of marks that could be buffed out.  I just reached a point where I couldn't take it anymore.

So I went out and bought a Kia Forte.  When I was signing the paperwork I cried a little bit, sorry to sign my Buick away, it was just so pretty and had low mileage and lots of chrome.  I got a nice chunk on the trade-in, but still I knew I would miss it.  I loved looking at it in a parking lot, that is when I had finally gotten it into a space, gosh, it looked good!  Plus, I had driven Buicks for years, I loved how they just floated down the road like you were riding on a cloud.

BUT I was now the owner of a little car, one that had side view mirrors that folded in so you could get in your garage, and was quite a bit smaller.  So I took a big breath and started it for home.   A much bumpier ride to be sure!  Plus I could hear wind whistling from somewhere.  Not only that but the thing made a putt-putt noise when I turned a corner!  But the worse thing was that the horn sounded like a baby farting, it made me realize that nobody would get out of my way ever again like they did with the Buick.

The brakes were touchy, it seemed like  they made the car slow down if I even put my foot near them, but I got used to them by the time I was a couple miles down the road.  There were six speakers so the music was rich and pleasing.  It had Serius radio and I found an Elvis channel on that which made me happy.  At a stop sign I checked the moon roof and it was open a slit so I closed that and voila! the noisy wind was gone.

Actually, I kinda liked the dern little thing. 


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© 2012 Just Lynne - 12/6/12

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