It’s nearing my birthday.  That means I will receive more candles.  If you open the door to my linen closet you will see a whole shelf-full of candles.  Some of these are aging and no longer have any scent at all.  Most of the candles are green.  I have very little green in my house, I have beige and blue and burgundy.  I did at one time say I liked citrussy candles, which are mostly green, that might have been my mistake.

Anyway, it does make me wonder who people really think I am - do they think I have men in and ring the bed with candles while being passionate?  My husband has been gone for three years now, and even when he was alive I can’t imagine him lying in bed waiting while I wafted around our boudoir in my transparent peignoir lighting candles - the next day was always a busy one.  We needed our sleep.

Or maybe they think I sit in the tub with aromatic candles burning around me while I sensually caress my body with soap?   Again, tomorrow is a busy day and I need my beauty sleep.

Or maybe my house stinks.  But what good is a candle if it does?  Their scent is about an inch around the candle itself, most of them don’t do much as far as casting their scents to the winds.  You have to sniff hard to detect the lavender or country white or cinnamon odor that the candle promises.

Another thing - none of my friends have candles burning in their houses so why do they give them to me?  Most of their houses smell like lettuce, that is, no discernable smell at all.  Unless they just made brownies or have kids.  

Do you think it could be possible that people get me another candle because they can’t think what else to buy me?

© 2011 Just Lynne - 7/20/11

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