by Just Lynne

# 1. 11/25/15 12:57 PM by 104
Once a complainer, always a complainer! I like it since my cataracts were removed. You are suffering what was known on Seinfeld as "too much information"! Not that there is anything wrong with that. I'm all for diversity!

Editor's Note: LOL. I guess you could call me a complainer when it comes to this cataract business. And the doctor did tell me I would feel different when both my eyes were back on track. And I do have to admit that I have hope for the future as I needed new glasses anyway. But I hate wearing those glasses they gave me that make me look like a bumblebee and then people stare at me. Maybe I will get back to you when it's all over and, hopefully, I am happy like you are.

# 2. 11/25/15 2:19 PM by Mk
Time will pass, your eyes will heal. It's a tough time to have it done. My mom had the same thing last year at this time, and this year she had to go back for more laser treatments. My neighbor had a stroke a few years ago and she lost some of her eyesight- at Christmas. At the time it was devasting. Time has passed and she is back, adjusted to the changes. She put her faith in God and not her abilities. It was awesome to witness her get back on task. No matter what hits us, with time and patience it gets easier.

Editor's Note: Yikes, I hope I don't have to go back for laser treatments, MK. I feel for your Mom. I hope I can be patient through all this like your Mom and your neighbor, maybe I should ask God to help me because I am a very impatient person...

# 3. 11/25/15 2:28 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
I got mine done a couple years ago. Got everything they offered: toric implants, rear capsule ablations, PRK corneal sculpting, graded digital Zernike glasses for reading. Now my vision is GOOD with no glasses (20/15) and SUPERP with them (20/12.5) with no scatter, glare and great color and brightness. Took a LONG time for my vision to stabilize but GOD it's so good now! And just being myself, I refracted my own eyes at home - optimized for astronomy night vision and then got the doctors to agree to prescribe the glasses accordingly. My wife goes in for her 1st pre-surg consultation and exam this coming Tues. Suddenly it seems too expensive... Hmmm... Tom

Editor's Note: Well, it is expensive, that I can attest to, Tom, but heck, she's your wife and worth it! You got considerably more done than I did, I don't even understand what all you are talking about but I'm glad it was a good thing for you. Hope it turns out to be good for me, that is after I get my house cleaned up.

# 4. 11/25/15 3:53 PM by 104
4 out of 5 Chinese dentists surveyed had Cataracts. The other one drives a Rincoln!

Editor's Note: Heehee! Cute...

# 5. 11/25/15 4:49 PM by deep water
"so there goes all my Christmas money."

Ok, I really need to know, did you buy my present before all of this?

We have this little sign in our store for sale that says "Go Braless, it pulls the wrinkles right out of your face"

Editor's Note: Gotta have bigger ones than I have to pull all the wrinkles out of my face!!

# 6. 11/27/15 8:34 PM by Tom Thomas - Rochester,NY
Those are not wrinkles. Those are laugh lines!

Editor's Note: Well, that's a better way to look at it I guess. That, or not looking at it at all! LOL

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