by Just Lynne

# 1. 10/12/15 6:53 PM by BF
Your column sang clearly with cheer, Lynne, for me.

Editor's Note: Oh thank you so much, BF, I hate to write columns that are downers so I feel better about it now.

# 2. 10/13/15 8:49 AM by mk
thumbsup.gif I second what BF said! A little boy once called his mother after a harrowing experience on the road with his dad. He told his mom, "Don't ya know we had a hard time? ". Your summer sounds like it was a little rough and no sign of easy roads ahead. I am always happy to see you are writing.

Editor's Note: I guess I'm like that little boy, mk, "don't ya know I had a hard time?" LOL After I posted that column I thought to myself, who the heck cares about my gripes? So I thank you for commenting and raising my spirits.

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