The Death of My Brother
by Just Lynne

# 1. 4/4/15 4:52 PM by Albert 1
Family deaths can be very hard for some of us to experience. Without going into detail I will just say that I expect my sister to pass before me. As InAm her legal representative the reverse would be very inconvenient for her. I recall how my mother always took the death of any extended family member so hard so I Am glad I outlived her as my passing would have left her unable to care for my sister.

My own feelings on natural cause deaths at later age is very liberal.

To lose a sibling as young as your brother had to seem like he was cheated from experiencing a full life which today is somewhere in the eighties for the fortunate ones.

Editor's Note: I have to admit that I felt that Nate was cheated too, Albert, but I also couldn't see any way his life would get better if he had to stay and live it. Also I felt a bit guilty for still being here in my late 70's, although I am in no way ready to go.

# 2. 4/4/15 7:46 PM by Gary - Williamson
I'm sorry to hear of your lose Lynne, it's never easy especially when unexpected. I've attended 6 funerals in the last 7 years, 5 family and one good friend. Life's dynamic necessarily changes each time someone leaves us and it take's a long while to get used to the new normal, but we keep them alive within us and I know I'm a better person for having known each one of them. My sincere sympathies to you and your family.

Editor's Note: Thank you, Gary, getting used to the new normal is a long hard haul, but since none of us gets out of this alive, I guess we all have to do it. 6 funerals in 7 years is a lot so I am am sending sympathy to you, too.

# 3. 4/5/15 6:46 AM by amnesiac
Wonderful, wonderful story, lost my brother last year, close by in DC

Editor's Note: My brother worked in DC, for the Dept. of Energy. Thanks for reading my story, it helped my pain to write it and to know that you knew what I was talking about.

# 4. 4/5/15 8:23 AM by Nick
Poignantly written and obviously straight from the heart. Hoping that your sincere tribute helps ease your own pain in some small way.

Editor's Note: Thanks, Nick, writing is always a release for me so it did do that. Thanks for the nice compliment about it as I felt the need for a kind word today.

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