by Just Lynne

# 1. 3/31/15 8:50 PM by BF
I am saddened to hear this, Lynne, though I have no desire to criticize your choices.

With few exceptions, the traveling I have done has been by myself. I never could fit in with a tour itinerary, but perhaps, if you do ever get the itch to see something new, you might choose going along on a tour.

Organizations such as AAA have loads of tours.

You might enjoy yourself!

Editor's Note: When I was a kid, we moved every two years, and when I was married, we went on countless cruises. I think I have lost my interest in seeing new things, BF!

# 2. 3/31/15 9:01 PM by mk
Very sorry about your brother. I'm glad you made the trip. Because my brain can short at at anytime, I have had to figure out ways to do things that requires as little of thinking and planning as possible.

My trick to the packing and traveling dilemma:

I keep a bag packed at all times with everything I use, so that when I want to go, I'm already packed. Then when I get home, I repack it for the next trip. It's a lot easier packing when I get home and can remember if I was running short on something. I can't tell you how much easier it's made everything. It's essentially an overnight bag I keep in my closet with extra underthings, socks, toiletries, favorite candy and medicine. In other words, I'm always packed and ready to go, unless I've just gone, then it's time to repack.

Editor's Note: What a neat idea, mk! But unless someone in the family dies or gets married, I'm done. I have become a homebody I guess.

# 3. 4/1/15 10:27 PM by mk
I learned, that by having that bag packed, I'm more excited for opportunities that come. And even if it is a short trip, it's really fun. Don't give up, pack yourself a little overnight bag and wait for a fun opportunity to use it. If you never use it, it didn't cause any harm and you were always ready to go! Come on, Go pack yourself an adventure bag and put some fun stuff in it!!!

Editor's Note: Told my daughter what you said, she said let's both pack an adventure bag and spend a weekend at Niagara Falls!

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