by Just Lynne

# 1. 3/8/15 6:16 PM by Growel E. Bayher
I think Ben Franklin said it well.

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

Editor's Note: So true and so sad that we can't get rid of those who are out to destroy us.

# 2. 3/8/15 9:03 PM by Mark - Greece
For the last few years when they call for campaign donations, I've told them that I will no longer waste my hard-earned money on these spineless representatives. I also fear for my kids and grandkids. Social Security will most likely be exhausted, and not because enough didn't go in, but because of the stupidity, wastefulness, and free $$ to those who had no business getting it by the handlers. Companies can no longer afford to contribute to pensions, entitlement mentality is rampant, and taxes are only going to continue going up. Not a pretty picture. We had hoped to be able to give our kids a little shot in the arm upon our passing, but now we just pray we don't run out of money before then. We used to have health insurance that protected us, but no more. What a great country!

Editor's Note: What comes from us who worked hard for it, and goes to those that don't deserve it, is a tooth-gnashing crime. I hoped to have some money to leave my kids, too, but I see it won't happen. I'll be lucky to not be a bag lady when all is said and done!

# 3. 3/8/15 9:18 PM by mk
I agree!!!! A huge disappointment.

Editor's Note: It rattles my bones so I try not to dwell on it, mk.

# 4. 3/8/15 10:18 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
I substantially agree, Lynne. But the world is a better place for us hanging in here regardless of the hell in a hand basket part. Yes, I am immensely disappointed in the linguini-spined Republican politicians old and new. AND just as disappointed in the Democrats who seem to outpace even the Republicans in scandal after scandal. In summary, I get the CREEPY feeling that nearly ALL politicians are a bunch of crooks --- and that if we even dare to express that opinion...we could be targeted as uncompliant. 1984 just arrived a bit late...and THAT'S the creepy part. Regarding solicitations for $$$. My wife has been generous in giving relatively small donations to myriad weepy charities that play on one's guilt. Result? We are INUNDATED with mail and phone solicitations from more and more NFPs. All they care about is feathering their nests and spin off a few bucks to the actual cause. There ARE exceptions, though. The Salvation Army being one and St. Joseph's Villa another. Now I just intercept the mail and pitch the solicitations in the garbage unopened. The phone calls I immediately hang up without saying a word. Tom

Editor's Note: I see you have the endless soliciations somewhat in hand, Tom, and don't have to wear out your delete button or phone or mailbox. LOL. I have had to give up all my donations to charity because, sadly, me and Kali Girl have to eat. It is scary, though, to know in your heart that nobody in our government is going to step up and stop the raping of us and our country.

# 5. 3/9/15 10:07 AM by Mark - Greece
The sob-story solicitors are the worst. I let most unknown callers go to the answering machine, in which case they don't leave a message. Then call day after day, same thing. I will out of frustration answer occasionally, only to find someone who will not take a breath to let you interject that you aren't interested. I do 1 of 2 things when they finally shut up to ask how much I'll send them. Either tell them I'm on a fixed income and only have so much to allot, and if that doesn't deter them, I ask them to send their financial statements first, which usually stops their calls. It is shocking that they keep between 80 and 95% of donations as 'overhead.' A business that operated that way would fail immediately.

Editor's Note: I use the limited income one, Mark, because it is true. Sometimes I use that my husband just died, even though it's been seven years - they don't know that. But I never thought about asking for their financial statement, that's a good one! But mostly I just don't answer since they never leave a message and I don't have to bother, but I do agree that they just keep calling back over and over and I do sometimes feel frustrated.

# 6. 3/9/15 10:27 AM by Growley
I used to be a registered Republican, but no more. I don't belong to any party, as none represent me. The only thing I gave up was my right to vote in a primary.

At election time, 1 am generally forced to vote for the lesser of two(or more) evils to "represent" me.

In the last election the Republican Party knowingly sold, to an eager group of voters looking for change, a bill of goods containing the same rhetoric and false promises made by it's opponents.

Editor's Note: I am still registered, Growley, but am thinking about changing, but to what, I don't know. There isn't much out there that doesn't lie to us. It's a sad state of affairs that we can't trust any of these oily smarmy politicians.

# 7. 3/9/15 11:01 AM by Growley(again)
I handle phone solicitations in a rather unique manner.

I use what I like to call DD. When a solicitor calls my home, and if I have time to entertain myself, I just pretend to be bat-poop crazy.

If it's a woman on the other end of the line I just say something like, "Hey,(insert lady's name), was the doctor able to clear up your VD?" I then begin singing at the top of my voice some crazy made up lyrics. "Hello... hello..." She's long gone(you've never heard me sing :-).

If it's a guy, I use my Eddie Ray Routh routine. "Hey man don't muck with me...I'm a veteran and I have PTSD. OMG, look at those fuzzy bugs crawling all over the wall...can you see 'em? I think I'm going to have little green men for dinner. Hello...hello"

Editor's Note: Heehee, now that's different, I probably wouldn't have the nerve to do that. What does DD stand for I wonder?

# 8. 3/10/15 10:44 AM by Growley
DD stands for "default defense."

I use it(PTSD and insanity)daily. You'd be surprised how many speeding tickets it has saved me, and how much time I save while shopping at Wegman's in Greece(everybody just gets out of my way). Besides, it helps guarantee my $30,000 annual tax-free 100% disability check from the VA will not be reduced.

Editor's Note: Sounds to me like you have it all figured out!

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