by Just Lynne

# 1. 2/14/15 9:14 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif Happy Valentine's Day Lynne.

In the dead of winter, an old ground hog once told me,

"Keep your head down, don't do anything foolish, and try to stay warm..."

Spring is a ways off and one has to keep their Love , Faith, Hope, and Charity alive

The words, were my Father's words, before I left for Parris Island, 1969...(and near certainty, going to RVN...

And some things, You never forget...

Editor's Note: My head is down, I am trying to raise it up, lj. But I am thankful to be warm! And I can't do anything foolish because I can't get out to do that, LOL. But, like all of us, I am trying to endure and keep my faith.

# 2. 2/15/15 6:11 AM by Nick
Please tell me you aren't serious about April being as snowy as February.

Editor's Note: I heard that on the weather channel a few days ago, Nick. We can only hope they were wrong.

# 3. 2/15/15 9:38 AM by Marilyn
thumbsup.gif It is getting really old isn't it Lynne.... Cheer up - it should be gone by say....June?? your column since I am in a similar mess - made me smile...

Editor's Note: It sure is getting old, Marilyn, I am ready for some warm sun on my shoulders. I won't make it 'til June, no way!

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