by Just Lynne

# 1. 5/30/14 10:20 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Hi, Lynne. I just read a pretty good book "Happiness is a Habit" by Michele Phillips. She's set up as one of those corporate consultants and is pretty full of herself. But looking through that, the book is still good and has a lot of wisdom in it. One quote (from Marjorie Blanchard) "If you are not working on your ideal day, you are working on somebody else's." And Michelle mirrors that to the effect, "Don't let someone else set your goals." I realized I've spent most of my life knocking off assignments on other people's "TO DO" lists. She further recommends to be comfortable with just saying "No." So I've been trying that and GOD it feels good! And if pressed, I finally say, "NO - I'm too busy with my own stuff, which occasionally includes doing Nothing!" I still do lots of favors...but on my terms. And a bit of my own wisdom here: Do favors for people who reciprocate. How many people do we know who habitually ask for favors but never seem to do anything for us?! Tom...Happy Tom

Editor's Note: You sound like my daughter, Tom, she is always telling me to just say "No". It's a lesson I really need to learn, as I do know that once you get doing a lot for others, your own problems don't get taken care of because somebody always needs you. I should read that book for sure. And now that I think about it, these people rarely do favors for me! So you are right...

# 2. 5/31/14 9:19 AM by Growel E. Bayher
Your commentary, in many ways, could have been written(but, not as well)by yours truly.

At times, the requests coming from others is OVERWHELMING. But...but, then I stop for a moment and give thanks for having the capability to physically(and sometimes mentally :-))to fulfill, at least some,of those requests.

I am blessed.

Editor's Note: I guess I am too, Growel, that I can do for others but I sure hope they do for me when my time comes! LOL

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