by Just Lynne

# 1. 4/26/14 6:08 AM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
I suppose Facebook has its place, but to me it just seems like it's actually taken away from having real live personal relationships. Still, I'm glad you enjoy it.

Editor's Note: Yes, Nick, but there are lots of people out there who I would never know if it weren't for Facebook. People I have really enjoyed knowing.

# 2. 4/26/14 9:14 AM by mk
thumbsup.gif Yes! It has helped us stay in touch with our distant nieces and nephews. We get to see and know how their kids are growing. (My uncles couldn't tell you my name, let alone know the names of my kids. )

Facebook like anything can be a useful tool. In some ways, FB is a reflection or rather a magnification of our lives. It's a communication enhancing tool, not the only way of communication.

Editor's Note: I agree, mk, it's not the only way to communicate but, if you use it for that, it can be a really good thing. I think that women use it a lot more than men, judging by who posts on mine, but then again, we're the ones who want to know what's going on!

# 3. 4/28/14 5:44 PM by ME - Livonia
thumbsup.gif Liked your column. Took me awhile to get used to the idea others beside who i was forwarding info too were reading what i wrote. Still it was interesting to learn of brothers, offspring, wives, children etc. to whom I am a Great Aunt and probably will never meet them in person but love seeing pictures of them etc. Have become good friends to a nephews ex-wife whom i had never met yet was mother of 2 of my nieces and a nephew and knew my brother very well.

Editor's Note: I think getting to know other people is one of the best things about FB, and it looks like you've enjoyed that, too!

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