by Just Lynne

# 1. 3/25/14 10:01 AM by Marilyn
Don't you just want to say Shut up!!! I do. I have a friend - that when we go to lunch sits and discusses people I do not know - and it goes on for hours. You can't get a word in if you wanted to and when you do, she somehow manages to go back to her neighborhood and some guy named Jack whose cousin was joe who I don't know and I really do not care.... you did good by keeping your inner child in....good column.

Editor's Note: It sounds to me like you know exactly what I'm talking about, Marilyn. Some people just grate on your nerves, don't they?

# 2. 3/25/14 8:12 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Well,'s what Tom Dey would have done without hesitation: Go get the pictures and without saying a thing hand them around right in the middle of Ms. Selfie's exposition. Including presenting her an old picture of herself...preferably an unbecoming or embarrassing rendition with her mouth open. You can bet the nostalgic photos would suck the air right out of her sails---and relieve an audience grateful for releasing them from her clutches. The beauty is you couldn't be accused of anything inappropriate! People can look at pictures and listen to incessant droning at the same time! Tom

Editor's Note: Haha, Tom, I should have done that but I was too mad to think how to deal with it. Also there were no pictures of her, these were all of my kids growing up which would bore her to death, that's why she cut me off. But it is true that everybody else could look at the pictures and talk and laugh and maybe cut her off for a change!

# 3. 3/25/14 8:22 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Hah! I just thought of a pet peeve of mine. When someone monopolizes the conversation with an interminable blow-by-blow recitation of: "And then she said...and then I said...and then she said...and then I said...bla bla bla" ad infinitum. But I think there is an advantage to being a guy here: We have less constraint when it comes to spontaneously interjecting "Booooooooorrrrrrrring!" Among guys, this is most likely met with laughs, including the bloviator who will say something like - "Touché - good point!"

Editor's Note: I guess women are more sensitive than men, we take more things personally.

# 4. 3/26/14 1:05 AM by mk
I like your inner child and your Miss Manners! You are okay in my book. *disclaimer, my book is nothing to get excited about, but you are still in it!!! : )

Editor's Note: Thanks, mk - it makes me feel better to know I am still okay in your book!

# 5. 3/27/14 7:53 PM by deep water
or you could have been like Elaine on Seinfeld, and listen to her for a moment and then start tapping the top of your head (that was her signal to Jerry that she was bored and needed to be rescued)

Editor's Note: This family member has gotten everybody well trained to hover around her and commiserate so I doubt anybody would notice me standing there tapping my head, Deep. But it's something I could try I guess. LOL

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