by Just Lynne

# 1. 2/25/14 11:05 AM by Marilyn
thumbsup.gif I could not have said it better, we are in a world that I have to say I do not understand - AT ALL!

Editor's Note: It's best not to understand it, Marilyn, because if you come to an understanding you will be frightened like me.

# 2. 2/25/14 11:09 AM by Tony P
Well Lynne you may just have a point there.

Big pharma has tried their best to keep us all sedated but......there have been a few hold-outs, mainly the organic, tofu eating, tie-dye wearing folks that shun "modern" methods of induced tranquility.

So.....we can't have that crowd straying from the parameters of towing the party line.

Viola! just make their pot more accessable, legal and available right next to their organic lettuce and fava beans.

Just like the song says "Everybody MUST get stoned". (and stay that way damn it)


Editor's Note: Yepper, Tony, I can just see our nation becoming a nation of potheads and worse, if we can't get rid of the ruling elite. Nobody seems to be able to get rid of them, so it makes me wonder if we are just doomed. But I try to put on a happy face! LOL

# 3. 2/25/14 12:40 PM by deep water
I remember the first time I smoked pot, I got so hungry I smoked half of the joint, and ate the other half!

Truth be told I didn't know what I was doing at that time, I was wacked out on coke.

Editor's Note: Thank goodness I never got that far, our supply was cut off and we were done. Don't know what would have happened if we went on, but I was very kid-oriented so probably would have dropped it anyway, or maybe eaten half of it like you, who knows.

# 4. 2/25/14 9:37 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I read your column twice and I can relate with everything you have said.

No one is perfect but the goal should still be one of an upright character and morally straight.

It may not look very promising right now, but we need to keep the faith, share our hope, especially with our children and grandchildren, and try to do little things to right this Titanic ship of state they have run into the Iceberg of Denial...

Love, Faith, Hope, and Charity. Kindness, and do no harm, while we try again to pay it forward for future generations...

Thanx to you also for your encouragement and inspiration here on WOTL...

little john

Editor's Note: Loved that comment, lj, it reminded me that I am not helpless in the face of all that's going on around me and I can keep the faith.

# 5. 2/25/14 11:55 PM by mk
Insightful thoughts Lynne.

Editor's Note: Thanks, mk!

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