by Just Lynne

# 1. 2/23/14 8:41 AM by mcr
thumbsup.gif Good column. I like your historical insight.

Editor's Note: Thanks, MCR. For some reason I have never forgotten my days with the colored people.

# 2. 2/24/14 3:44 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Nice remembrance! I grew up in the 50s in Rochester, NY. Danforth St. was a mostly white neighborhood then - come to think of it, most neighborhoods were pretty ethnic. I think it was more by affiliation rather than any grand design. Italian, Slavic, Oriental, Arabic, Jewish, Black, Hispanics tended to cluster in their own hoods. So about all I got to see of the black folks was the city workers. The weekly garbage pick-up was segregated in the sense that the blacks did the dirty work and the driver was always white. Those galvanized cans were HEAVY and the guys would tote them one in each hand fast, strong, efficient and smiling in a good mood! I'm SURE it was just because they had a good City job with benefits so were providing for their families. And we'd see them at (their) church dressed in their Sunday best - most often better than ours! The segregation and prejudices have 90%+ gone away --- the great irony being that family values have gotten downright terrible. Worse for whites and WAY worse for others. I'm no bible-thumper...but I believe the decline of religion has left a moral vacuum apparently not supplanted by secularism. Not that it couldn't be - but no evidence that it has been.

Editor's Note: I believe that too, Tom, as religion has always has guidelines and without it, we are lost and society has made it so that we can't find our way back. Back then, people stayed with their ethnic groups because that's where they wanted to be. Nowadays, people are taught that they are better off without work and without God, so pride and happiness and family values have been destroyed. Bitterness and hatred are the realities today.

# 3. 2/25/14 5:55 AM by Tony P
Hi Lynne-

that was pretty much my experience as well.

And we can all thank the Dems/libs for the currant plight of those folks. They needed a permanent dependent underclass and they sure got it.....didn't they?


Editor's Note: They sure did get the dependent class they wanted, Tony, who dependently votes for them. It's really sad.

# 4. 2/25/14 9:13 AM by marilyn
Good column Lynne, thanks!!

Editor's Note: Glad you liked it, Marilyn!

# 5. 2/26/14 9:45 AM by Growel E. Bayher
Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts, Lynne.

In my youth, I observed and studied older neighbors involved in hand picking potatoes with blacks without incident at harvest time.

Editor's Note: Back then I don't remember all the hate that is going on between the races nowadays. But there are a lot of people making money on stirring things up now.

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