by Just Lynne

# 1. 10/24/13 2:06 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
Part of the reason to save is having it to spend when stuff "comes up". Don't be so hard on yourself and remember, you can't take it with you.

Editor's Note: True, Nick, I can't take it with me but I am trying to keep enough so that I can afford to go into a decent nursing home when the time comes! Been in those Medicaid ones on visits and couldn't stand to live with wallpaper peeling off the walls and dirty floors and all that...

# 2. 10/24/13 9:12 PM by mk
My grandmother- who I miss every day of my life was so cute with her money. She never wasted anything- never. She was amazing to me. She worked until she had a stroke at the age of 82. She always told me, "Miss K, I always put a little away on pay day. I never touch it. She never told me how much money she had saved, and I KNEW not to ever ask, but she did tell me, "It never seemed like much, and now I have a tidy a little sum." Oh that I could be as careful and wise as she was when it came to resourcefulness! It is not an easy task, that's for sure. We hear often, " Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. " I'm trying to live like that, but it is easier said than done, and we are going out for dinner tonight!

Editor's Note: My aim is to be like your grandmother, mk, but somehow I never seem to be successful. It's tough not to work anymore and not have money coming in, just going out!

# 3. 10/25/13 8:52 AM by marily
thumbsup.gif Yep Lynne, Money is the root of all evil Ya know, we gotta live -- and since the 1% increase in ss wont buy a loaf of bread -- you are going to tap the savings again - and again ...and again..

Editor's Note: Oh no, Marilyn, don't tell me that! Especially not just after I have once again made my vow to not touch my savings. Sheesh!

# 4. 10/25/13 10:55 AM by mk
I'm really sorry. it is no good being/feeling vulnerable. Our dollars certainly Don't Buy Much! I went grocery shopping yesterday and about passed out - cauliflower was almost $3.00 a pound! I wanted some stew meat- $4.99 a pound. I told my husband I didn't cook dinner because last night was less expensive eating Mexican take out! - and we were on the road from 5-9. We had delicious left overs making two meals for same price as making a pot of stew!

Editor's Note: Left overs get eaten over here too, mk. Lots of them. And I always get a box to take home half my meal when I eat out - two meals for the price of one! My grocery bill today was $71, for just me and a dog! No steaks or anything expensive, although I did treat myself to a donut. I don't know how parents can afford their kids anymore.

# 5. 10/25/13 3:51 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
My daughter did Papillion Rescue, even sometimes flying to check things out. she would also foster until a permanent home was found. And just recently she moved with her dogs to --- Oregon! Lynne, how is Kali adjusting? We just got our 4 dogs and one of the cats haircuts, baths, groomed, etc. yesterday. Expensive! I recently retired and KNOW my wife and I must close ranks on spending. Tom

Editor's Note: Good for your daughter, Tom, Paps are special dogs and I bet she loves fostering. Tell her to say Hi to the nice lady at Roads End Papillons where Kali came from. Kali is adjusting well, I have to get her spayed on Monday so I am dreading that as we are just getting bonded well with each other. And yes, caring for doggies and kitties is getting very expensive, I heard on the radio that people are just dumping their animals anywhere because they can't afford to feed them. Sad!

# 6. 10/25/13 4:22 PM by ME - Livonia
thumbsup.gif You are so right! My motto is hard to come by but easy to go. My grandchildren seem to think I am made of money. Especially around birthdays and Christmas they are there with their wish lists which get longer and more expensive every year. Also when we did work hard for our incomes others seem to want to help you part with it for various reasons. Good column! Like your writing!

Editor's Note: Thanks ME. I have grandchildren too, so I hear what you are saying. But last Christmas I told them all that I was running out of money so they would just get a gift card, LOL. It went over okay, now they know not to come to me unless it's an emergency.

# 7. 10/26/13 2:17 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Here in Springwater back roads we get what are clearly unwanted pets "dumped out in the country" by city and suburbanites who tired of them. A neglected dog going from house to house in desperation looking for a little food, shelter and love. I've already heard otherwise moral-seeming friends say "Oh, just let it loose in the country - some farmer will pick it up." Here's the truth: Many will get attacked and killed by coyotes or territorial farm dogs, many will get shot by hunters, many will languish and die of exposure - only a few will find a decent home. For what it's worth - It's a crime to dump a pet like that. You can recognize these waifs 'cause they have no ID or chip. One of ours showed up like that - he Loves it here, but at 4 dogs and 2 cats, we're maxed out. I actually think anyone getting a pet should have to go through a vetting process...not unlike adopting a child. If they fail, they DO get a pet - a hungry 15-ft python.

Editor's Note: Good idea to vet these people, Tom, I can't imagine dumping a pet to whatever fate it has. I couldn't sleep at night if I did that. It's good that you took one in, though, but you can't take them all and I hear there are lots of them out there looking for a home...

# 8. 10/26/13 7:24 AM by Zjabs
You have savings? And then there's Zjabs- Write your legislator.

Editor's Note: Heehee, Zjabs, I have written my legislator about you numerous times but I don't think they care about you. Sorry.

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